How to craft Nails in Palworld

How to craft Nails in Palworld

How to craft nails in Palworld may sound like an ordinary question but it is no easy job. In the game Palworld, nails are a very important resource that you can utilize to make high-end tools, armoury, and more.

However, acquiring nails takes a few hard decisions and steps to unlock the ventures and resource gatherings to produce these much-needed and important elements, nails. If you are eager to know how to craft nails in Palworld, you came in for the right place as we are covering this very topic for you.

Unlocking the Nail Workshop/Crafting:

After listening to the burning question; How to Craft Nails in Palworld, it is important to start with blueprints first, you will have to go to the Technology Menu where you can access or unlock the Nails at the game level 10.

As you cross the said level, you will be able to unlock the Nails in the Palworld but wait, you can not claim them yet, To claim Nails, it requires important technology points investments. Remember, it just unlocks at level 10 but you have to spend your hard-earned technology points to access nails and use them. Technology Points are important resources so choose wisely.

Building a Primitive Furnace:

Thereafter, make a primitive furnace that comes at a cost. You will need 20 woods, 50 stones, and three flame organs to construct a primitive furnace. You can get the fiery nuggets from your pals like Foxsparks and Flamewings. Make them your close friends, charm them. Tame them or whatever it takes. Only they will be able to have your nuggets for your primitive furnace.

You will need to fuel the furnace, you can assign your fiery pal, Foxspark on duty to keep the furnace blight that will melt ore into molten goodness. This is where how to craft nails in Palworld takes a fiery turn.

Acquisition of Ores:

Choose a good mining position and get a pickaxe. Empty your inventory before starting the mining as if it is filled up already it will be just a waste of time to empty and start again. So, you can also put some of your pals on mining procedures where they can get you ores automatically.

You can choose among the Desolate Church mining site where Iron Ore is in abundance, the Volcano Biome Mining site where you will get valuable copper ore, or majestic abandoned mines of bygone eras where you will be able to find various other kinds of rare and standard ores but beware of grumpy ghosts and haunted activities there.

From Ore to Ingots:

Allow your kindling pal to smelt your extracted ores into the Primitive Furnace that will stockpile the ingots for your nail acquisition. Don’t forget to produce more ingots because One Ingot equals two nails. So, even if you are left with the last inch of molten metal that will surely count for your nails.

Nails Crafting:

While your Primitive Furnace business is booming, head off to your workbench and select “Nails”. After selecting the nail recipe, send in the ingots and let the hammering procedure start there. The pals with the “Handiwork” capabilities can help you in this process which will not only boost the production ratio but it will also increase efficiency and that’s how to craft nails in Palworld becomes a team effort.

Speed up the process:

If you are too ambitious about getting nails and can’t wait to get more and more of it. You just need to go beyond the basics.

  • Automate your consistent mining process with the help of your pals and you better choose a site with an abundance of ore deposits. Because if you are mining in a hollow space that will just waste your energy and time.
  • Make a conveyor belt and connect it with the Primitive Furnace. It will take you more deposits to the furnace so the manual pick and drop will not be a problem any further. If you are too interested in how to craft nails in Palworld, it is all about getting an efficient style of management and resource-keeping
  • Last but not least, do not forget to upgrade your furnace to an electric one. Since it goes to electric power, you will not only spare your Kindling Pal from the joo9b but also it will be even more efficient in boosting up the melting of metal and deposits making them into ingots and you know that ingots are an important resource for nail production.

Summary of How to Craft Nails in Palworld

  1. Unlock the Recipe in the Technology Section at Level 10
  2. Use Technology Points to acquire nails after unlocking it
  3. Build up a Primitive Furnace.
  4. Mine for ore deposits
  5. Refine deposits into Ingots with the help of Furnace and your Kindling Pal
  6. Get to the Workbench and select the nails recipe for production and your Handiwork Pals
  7. Craft Nails as many as you can

The bottom line

This article will guide you through the process of crafting nails in Palworld. Pokemon Palworld is a nostalgic version that brings you back to your childhood. After this, you don’t have to worry about crafting nails in Palworld. Go play the palworld!

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How to craft Nails in Palworld
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