How Many Ships Can I Have In Starfield

How Many Ships Can I Have In Starfield

Playing an RPG game is so much fun due to its realistic visuals and interesting storyline. You have to make different strategies which then impact the whole gameplay scenarios. And in the category of role-playing games, this 2023 Starfield game is in much limelight. If you’ve played Starfield, you must ponder on how many ships can have in the Starfield game. If so, this is the right page you’ve just landed.

This game has been developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The player in this game takes part in a space group and explores different galaxy corners. The game is so much fun when you play on the big screen.

However, gamers are somewhat still confused about owning the ship range! Let’s find out the answer quick and simple.

Why Ships are Important in Starfield?

As you know the Starfield game is all about the galaxy and outer space. Therefore, ships are the main and only source of travel. You can explore more universes and use the ship as a means of transportation.

You can easily handle the ship however if it gets damaged dot doesn’t work, you must replace it with a new one. But how many ships can you have in Starfield? Below is the answer.

How Many Ships Can I Have In Starfield

In this game, you can have a maximum of 10 ships, simultaneously. When you reach the maximum number of ships (10) you will see a notification on your screen that you have now reached the limit.

If your previous ship has been damaged or you want a new one, you must have to sale it. You cannot have a new ship unless you get rid of the previously owned ship in the Starfield game.

Interestingly, you can always purchase and steal and craft your own ship parts. It lets you opt for customization. Therefore you can lead the voyage more optimally.

Its important to note that if, in the game, you get a new ship as a reward, it won’t impact on the maximum ship-owning number. It means the new ship will go to the inventory.

Can I Increase the Ship Slots?

As mentioned above, you can own more than 10 ships in the game if you have them as a “reward”. However, the question arises of whether you can increase the ship-owning slot or not. To put it simply, you cannot increase the ship slot if you use the regular version of the Starfield game.

However, using a modified version of this game can unlock this feature for sure. Look for the rusted website to download the mod version of this game and install it on your device. You can enhance the number of ships you can own and operate and play the game without any restrictions.

Keep in mind that if you own more than 10 ships, it may cause a hassle to handle and take care of them from stealing, etc in the game. You can easily maintain 5 to 6 ships, at once. But if you want to explore more of the game, a mod version is all that you need.

How Many Ships Can I Have In Starfield
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