How Do I Level Up in Ark Survival Evolved

How Do I Level Up in Ark Survival Evolved

There are many times in the Ark survival evolved game when you want to get things unlocked and play robustly. 

For example, you can level up in the game when you build the base, accumulate material and play with the tribal people. It gives you more XP.

However, leveling up this game can be a slow process at times due to tough challenges. Therefore many gamers are questioning how I level up in Ark Survival Evolved fast.

Also, when you level up in the game, you get more Engram Points and powerful gaming items that help you to survive throughout the play. 

You can effectively tame and pet dangerous dinosaurs and do a lot more than you used to do in the early stages of the game.

So, today’s article will guide you on how you can level up in Ark Survival Evolved! 

Let’s start.

How Do I Level Up in Ark Survival Evolved 5 Tips

Luckily, there is more than a single way to level up in this game. Below we are listing down the top tips.

  1.     Tackle the Titanosaurs

To level up fast in Ark Survival Evolved you need to drop the largest creature such as Titanosaurs and it will give the most in terms of XP or experience points.

 In the game earning Engram Points is as essential as leveling up. Therefore, you have to spend time crafting receipts or cloth hats. You can easily craft them as they are not very expensive in the game. You will need 3x Thatch + 1 Fiber and 10x Fiber for the Cloth Hat.

On each item, you get to acquire 1 Experience Point. Make sure to write a note after each crafting.

  1.     Craft Bow and Arrows

Crafting bows and arrows is another tip to level up in Ark Survival Evolve. Once done, go to the beach and look for Sauropods for more experience points when you get killed in the game. Also, use Bow Melee to put an end to dinosaurs and get an instant and Power Level.

  1.     Playing with Tribe Members

One of the best and easiest methods to get the level up in the game is playing with the tribe members. For that, you can get more XP simply from playing with tribe members.

Make sure you are in the area or locality to get more XP and play with the tribal people. The simplest way to take part in the game is to do things with the teammates such as crafting and hunting.

  1.     Hunt Small Dinosaurs

Killing small dinosaurs is another tip that helps you to level up in the game. You can easily get to the advanced level as small dinos are not hard to kill and would give you as many XP points as a big dinosaur would give you.

  1.     Kill Wyverns and Magmasaurus

You can also hunt and kill the Wyverns and Magmasaurus in this Ark Survival Evolved game. Be careful when you are tackling the Wyverns because of the aggressive nature shown in this game. However, once you kill Wyverns and Magmasaurus you will get many experience points.


How Do I Level Up in Ark Survival Evolved
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