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Gotham Knights need to have variety in side missions

Gotham Knights need to have variety in side missions

Gotham Knights are going to replace the Arkham series and give fans a new Gotham City filled with rich knowledge and places to explore. One of the best things about the Arkham Series was the amount of content added to one game, which allowed players to take a break from the main quest line and do things like AR Challenges or side missions about various villains. This variety of activities outside of the main storyline should be transferred to Gotham Knights to give players more content and a break from the investigation of the Court of Owls.

The Arkham series was a huge success for several reasons, one of which was that it combined so many of Batman’s greatest villains, from the Penguin and the Joker to Harley Quinn and even the Calendar Man. Villains are a key part of Batman’s stories, his rogues’ gallery has more fan-favorite opponents than any other superhero, but AR Challenges also gave players something else to do between missions. So not only would the inclusion of multiple villains featured in side quests be a good way to give players more options and give some insight into what the villains think about Batman’s death, but the AR challenges may come back left by Batman. as part of the Code Black protocol shown during the world premiere of the Gotham Knights trailer.

Side missions of the villain

One of the best features of the Arkham series is to infiltrate the upcoming Gotham Knights and help introduce a new set of villains to the game. The Arkham series gave players a chance to defeat Silence, the Mad Hatter, and Ra’s al Ghul, expanding the knowledge of the series and giving players much more opportunities. Incorporating this mission style into Gotham Knights would be ideal, as it goes without saying that more Batman villains will come out of the shadows after the death of the Caped Crusader, confident that they can wipe out the rest of the bat family.

There are also many villains that can be included in the upcoming Gotham Knights through this system of side missions, each of which can give players a more complete picture of the four members of the bat family. Lady Shiva would be the perfect villain for Robin and could be used to help explore his time with the Teen Titans, while Nightwing’s rivalry with Blockbuster would also be a great addition to the game. Red Hood can fight Ma Gunn again, while Batgirl can fight players like Poison Ivy, who many fans wanted to see in the upcoming game.

Trials and Rewards

In addition to missions, Gotham Knights should also include several challenges scattered around the world, each of which gives players a new skill, such as a grip boost or a new device that Batman was developing. This style of the challenge will be an interesting addition to the game as it will show the clear development of the bat family members as they adjust to fighting crime without Batman. While challenges may not have as much hidden knowledge as side missions, they can give players a better understanding of the map and the crawling or combat skills they can learn throughout the game.

Arkham City had a big problem with AR Challenges opening up the best capture acceleration for Batman, and while the challenges are simple, they are getting harder. These tasks can move away from the mission structure and give players a sequence that may not affect the story or the construction of the world itself but can make life easier thanks to the acquired skills. From improvements to the bat family’s unique movement systems to unlocking various finishing techniques, challenges can add a new level of fun for many players.

Research events

The Knights of Gotham must also take a page from Marvel’s Spider-Man and include certain events that appear when the player explores Gotham City. These events can be crimes or even citizens seeking help and can become a problem for players trying to regain control of Gotham City. The events will encourage players to explore the open world and will be a great way for the bat family to interact with the residents of Gotham, ensuring that the city itself will not look like a desert dotted with villains.

Marvel’s Spider-Man does a good job of this task, providing players with pop-up crime reports and short side quests that can tell them about knowledge and give the city a sense of life. From criminal gangs attacking or abducting citizens to lost items and undiscovered landmarks, such events are filled with knowledge about Gotham City and criminal organizations that threaten to take control. Completing a series of these events in one area can also reveal more secrets, and players will eventually secure that area from crime.


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Gotham Knights need to have variety in side missions
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