“Get her across the Maidan”: episode contents and series finale


On March 11, 2024, the 8-episode Russian political thriller “ Get Her Across the Maidan ” started airing on Channel One. The plot of the film tells about the events in Ukraine in 2013–2014, as well as about people who find themselves in a difficult situation and forced to make serious decisions against the backdrop of what is happening.


How the series “Transfer her across the Maidan” ended, as well as a brief summary of the episodes – in the material of Attiremag.

Episode 1

At the end of autumn 2013, Ukrainians and citizens of other countries were shocked by the act of Viktor Yanukovych ( Alexander Naumov ), who refused to sign an agreement with the European Union in Vilnius. The president’s explanations look ridiculous and cause a negative reaction from society, which became the impetus for a political crisis and the start of protests in the main square of the country. Meanwhile, a major crime has been committed in the city of Donetsk: during a bank robbery, employees of a financial institution were killed and a sum of money belonging to the head of state and intended for a future election campaign was stolen.

Still from the series. Photo: Channel One

Fulfilling the president’s demands, Lieutenant General Korzh ( Alexander Taranzhin ) assigns Igor Melnik ( Oleg Nazarov ), a lieutenant colonel in the Security Service and his son-in-law, to investigate the case. At the same time, the hero manages to uncover the activities of a gang involved in the distribution of illegal drugs and get on the trail of a crime boss nicknamed the Voice.


Episode 2

The President of Ukraine is subject to simultaneous pressure from different sides. The situation in the main square of the capital is becoming more tense every day. This is also facilitated by the efforts of a CIA representative named Poluyan ( Grigory Siyatvinda ). The first blood is shed on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and another drama unfolds in the personal life of the protagonist. General Korzh’s daughter, Rada ( Victoria Solovyova ), is unable to cope with her alcohol addiction, and her marriage to Igor is on the verge of collapse.

In addition, the man learns that his wife is pregnant and that the child will not be born from him. Rada’s father insists that his son-in-law not stir up a scandal, accept the future heir and not look for the one with whom his wife cheated. Igor is shocked by what is happening and goes to a bar to distract himself, where he meets a journalist from France named Anna ( Pelageya Nevzorova ). Soon feelings flare up between them.

Episode 3

The confrontation between the two camps continues in the capital. Supporters of European integration set up tents on Independence Square, and attempts by the authorities to disperse the protesters end in failure. The head of state blames Sergei Lyovochkin ( Dmitry Orlov ), the head of the administration, for this . Viktor Fedorovich decides to organize a meeting with Yulia Timoshenko ( Olga Zaitseva ), who is in prison. Meanwhile, Igor Melnik continues to investigate the bank robbery and brings his longtime friend, Major Svyatoslav Kiva ( Alexander Lymarev ) into the case.


They manage to identify the perpetrator, a criminal nicknamed Farah, and find out that he is hiding with the Voice, who leads the “gang of the deaf.” A listening device is installed in the latter’s office, and it is decided to detain Farah. At the same time, the key character learns that the father of the unborn child will be Major German Gromenko ( Jan Ilves ). Rada went to school with him, and now he is Korzh’s adjutant. Anna informs her lover about weapons purchased with stolen funds, which will soon arrive in Ukraine from Europe. The miller understands that it was no coincidence that the Frenchwoman ended up here.

Episode 4

During the arrest, Fara manages to escape the pursuit, and one of Igor’s employees is wounded. The situation in the center of the capital is becoming critical, and the actions of the political leader are only aggravating the situation. Yulia Tymoshenko remains behind bars, but continues to conduct political negotiations and demands release in order to return to power.

Still from the series. Photo: Channel One

It turns out that her assistant Ekaterina Trubnikova (Alexandra Musaeva), who is closely monitoring what is happening, is not actually who she claims to be. CIA workers also keep the situation in the capital of Ukraine under control, and the main character does not yet realize that his activities are being closely monitored.

Episode 5

The Frenchwoman Anna, who is actually a spy, becomes a victim of political games. The main character discovers the body of a woman and finds himself in a hopeless situation, having received an offer from the CIA. If Melnik refuses to cooperate with the agents, he faces charges of “treason” and a prison sentence for the murder of a citizen of a foreign country. At this time, an employee of the Russian special services, Sergei Pokrovsky ( Anatoly Goryachev ), secretly arrives in the capital of Ukraine.

Viktor Fedorovich receives cash from a neighboring state, and political strategist Alina Nikulina recommends playing a double game, collaborating with the European Union and the Russian Federation. Melnik’s wife Rada gets into an accident. The actions of the US intelligence services in Kyiv irritate the head of French intelligence Le Brule, but the man is strongly recommended to leave the country and not interfere in what is happening.

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Episode 6

On the first day of 2014, a nationalist march takes place in the main square of the country, which angers the current leader. In parallel with these events, the plot tells about Stepan Franko, who leads a gang of radicals. He receives funds from abroad, and Nikulina fulfills her role, forcing brave young guys to voice certain demands on the Maidan. At this moment, Svyatoslav Kiva disappears without a trace. The main character suspects members of the “gang of the deaf” in his murder.

Still from the series. Photo: Channel One

A transcript of the conversation between United States diplomat Geoffrey Pyatt and Assistant Secretary of State of the US State Department Victoria Nuland becomes available to Trubnikova and Pokrovsky . During the conversation, a provocative phrase was heard and a demand was made to ignore the plans and desires of the European Union countries. In February 2014, the main character goes to the Olympics in Sochi as part of the Ukrainian delegation. He has to complete a task and bring his father-in-law information about access to a bank account. Korzh plans to withdraw money abroad and leave Ukraine.

Episode 7

The lieutenant general’s plans were not destined to come true; he was killed by his assistant Gromenko. The major also steals a valuable flash card, which contains access to a large sum, and then disappears. The President of Ukraine receives a demand from the European Parliament not to use Berkut officers to disperse protesters. The main character is convinced that Gromenko is guilty of the murder of Korzh. Rada, who ended up in the hospital after an accident, does not believe that her father’s assistant is a traitor. The woman escapes from the clinic and ultimately decides to leave the country. Before leaving, she sees her husband, each of the characters understands that their love is still alive. The miller learns shocking news.

Episode 8

At the end, the main character returns home, where he finds Ekaterina Trubnikova and Svyatoslav alive. A friend tells Igor that they work together for the Russian intelligence services, and invites him to join them in order to save the country from irreparable consequences. But in the finale it becomes clear that the CIA agents and the Maidan itself have other plans for the central character.

Did you know that…

  • Actor Oleg Nazarov said that for him this project is “a story about love and real heroes.”
  • The authors of the film noted that their work is “spectator” and “multi-genre cinema.” There was a political thriller at the center, but there was also room for drama, adventure and humor.
  • There is a lyrical song “Take me across the Maidan”, known to the public, performed by Tatyana and Sergei Nikitin . The composition is based on the poems of Vitaly Korotich, which were translated into Russian by Yunna Moritz . After the political events in Ukraine, the song acquired a new philosophical meaning and sound.


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