Games similar to Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Games similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Games similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Insomniac’s Spider-Man sequel has become a huge hit, and it’s easy to see why. Here weaves the stories of two young superheroes, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, who join forces to protect New York from a new threat. If you were delighted with the passage and want to experience something similar again, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with our selection of games similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Just in case, we will warn you that we deliberately did not include in the list very obvious recommendations like previous parts of the Insomniac series and other games about Spider-Man , and decided to invite you to go on new adventures, but with similar gameplay or atmosphere.


Games similar to Marvel's Spider-Man 2

It was Sucker Punch’s Infamous series that first introduced the concept of a cool next-generation superhero game. Although all parts were good in their own way, it is probably the final part of the trilogy called Second Son that most players remember best.

As with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales , it tells the story of a new superhero – reckless bully Delsin Rowe, who by chance gains superpowers and is now forced to make difficult decisions that will inevitably change his destiny and affect the lives of those close to him.

What’s especially appealing about Second Son is that Seattle isn’t just a setting for the game, but a truly immersive open world that you can freely explore and find famous landmarks. Seattle doesn’t appear often in video games, but Second Son’s version is so believable that you can give yourself an interactive tour of the city, and even with the ability to rush at the speed of sound, fly and climb all the rooftops up and down. But be prepared for the fact that you won’t be able to enjoy your walk in peace, as local crime is not asleep.


Games similar to Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Even before Marvel’s Spider-Man, it was the Arkham series that restored public faith in superhero video games, and it makes sense why many (mainly DC Comics fans ) still consider Rocksteady’s trilogy to be the best of its kind.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the combat system of the new Spider-Man games was largely inspired by Batman’s hand-to-hand combat style, which prefers to descend on crowds of enemies from above, scattering them left and right with powerful blows. In addition to the amazing fights, the Arkham series also offers players an exciting interpretation of Gotham City, and this neo-Gothic city immersed in the eternal night is presented in all its glory in Arkham Knight.

While not everyone’s cup of tea, this entry in the series serves as a powerful finale to the Batman storyline and also offers the most complete experience of patrolling the city at night as the Dark Knight, with flying capes, bearings and even Batmobile.


Games similar to Marvel's Spider-Man 2

If you’re interested in playing as DC Comics heroes, but are looking for something with more of an RPG component, you might want to give Gotham Knights a try . This is a new project in the same universe, which is a spiritual successor to the Arkham series, and also introduces new playable characters in the person of Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin, the four of whom have to guard the peace of Gotham in the absence of Batman.

The open world is just as well realized as Arkham Knights, and the ability to play as any of the four characters really helps make the overall experience more unique and varied. The only nuance that may confuse some players is the role-playing aspect of Gotham Knights, which obliges you to level up your hero by completing various quests and side tasks. Depending on your mood, this can be either unnecessarily tedious or extremely exciting.


If you like the complete lack of restrictions in terms of how you can move around the game world, you’d be remiss not to mention the Just Cause series, which delivers a truly refreshing open-world experience similar to that of Spider-Man 2.

From this point of view, of the entire series, we would recommend the fourth one. The local map is much larger than New York, and this is no wonder since you will have at your disposal the entire fictional Latin American country of Solis, imbued with the spirit of freedom even in spite of the local tyranny of the authorities and rampant crime.

Despite the serious theme of civil wars, the atmosphere in Just Cause 4 is as light and unobtrusive as possible, flavored with jokes and catchphrases of the colorful protagonist in the style of classic superhero action films. In addition, you will have an all-powerful grappling hook at your disposal, allowing you not only to cling to everything you see but also to literally fly between the roofs of skyscrapers, just like Spider-Man on his web. And we’re not even talking about the advanced system of destructibility and object physics, which, combined with the destructive capabilities of your equipment, allows you to create a pogrom of unimaginable proportions in the game.


Games similar to Marvel's Spider-Man 2

If, in addition to superhero films and comics, you don’t mind occasionally reading manga or watching anime, then you probably know about this popular title. You could argue that in terms of story and atmosphere, Attack on Titan has little in common with Marvel’s Spider-Man series, but given the madness that goes on there, the video game adaptation simply has to be as epic and action-packed as possible in the best traditions of the spider- adventures that in the end it happened.

Following the events of the first season of the anime, in Wings of Freedom, you will join a battle squad of the Survey Corps to rush across the rooftops and fortress walls of Paradise with your advanced climbing equipment, trying to crush the giants that have attacked your hometown.

The mobility of the characters in the game seems incredible, and the controls and animations are as smooth and enjoyable as possible, allowing you to freely jump, grapple and even attack in flight. As with the web, to move as efficiently as possible, you need to find a certain rhythm, alternating between spectacular jumps and the use of a harpoon cable system.


Overall, Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom may be a surprisingly good alternative to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, even if you’re not familiar with the source material.


Of course, our list couldn’t be complete without mentioning at least one previous Insomniac creation. Even though Sunset Overdrive is not commonly remembered today, it is worth recognizing that the gameplay here was unusually fun and dynamic, and largely thanks to this, the studio was entrusted with making new games about Spider-Man.

The action takes place in a sunny city with the telling name Sunset City, which, ironically, suffered a terrible disaster. After being consumed by a new popular energy drink, most of the local residents turned into bloodthirsty mutants .

If Sunset Overdrive’s gameplay was to be described in one word, “chaos” would be the best word. The action here is simply insane, and the movement is incredibly fast, thanks to the ability to run on walls and glide along monorails. The fighting never stops here, and this is a great reason to keep up the pace after the breathtaking adventures in Spider-Man 2.


Games similar to Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Nobody does an open world better than Rockstar, and if the first thing that attracted you to Spider-Man 2 was how well it recreated New York City, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at Grand Theft Auto V from that perspective.

The next installment of Rockstar’s crime saga takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, which is definitely inspired by Los Angeles . While you can’t don a red-and-blue leotard and fly on a spider’s web here (at least not without mods ), the key is to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this resort metropolis, whether it’s just a bike ride along the promenade or a vacation on a luxury yacht , before… plunge headlong into gunfights, robberies, chases and other joys of the criminal life that we usually have to prevent in superhero games.


Watch Dogs is another popular action-crime sandbox series, and if you were to pick the one that’s most similar to Spider-Man 2, it would definitely be the second one.

Here, in the role of a daring parkour hacker named Marcus, we can either engage in theft, robbery and identity theft using just a smartphone , or stand guard over the city in the fight against crime – the choice is yours. Either way, you’ll have great fun exploring this version of San Francisco, with the opportunity to climb any building or landmark, including the famous Golden Gate Bridge.


Games similar to Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Prototype is a unique project in many ways. First of all, this is a completely original superhero game, not based on any comic books. Secondly, she cannot even be fully considered as such, because here, in essence, we play as an anti-hero who sows fear and destruction around. Well, the most important signature feature of Prototype, of course, is the exorbitant level of cruelty.

The local main character, who unwittingly became a victim of an experiment, is not your kind little spider. He will not stand on ceremony with those who turned him into a monster , and is ready to even raze New York until all the guilty (and sometimes the innocent) get what they deserve.

Among other things, there are practically no restrictions in Prototype, not only in terms of the number of ways to deal with your victims, but also in terms of moving around the city, which means jumping incredible distances, running along walls and the absence of any damage from falls. Just imagine playing as a deranged Peter Parker, finally enslaved by his black symbiote suit.


Well, in conclusion, let’s finally return specifically to Marvel superheroes.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is good because it puts at your disposal not just one, not two, but a whole ensemble of your favorite comic book characters. Yes, Thanos is still the main villain here . And yes, we’re still hunting for the Infinity Stones, which might be a little tedious if you’ve already endured all that Avengers drama. However, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s diverse cast of playable characters and the ability to freely switch between them during combat makes up for any shortcomings.

With cool superheroes like Deadpool , Hulk and Wolverine , you might even forget that Spider-Man himself is there.


Games similar to Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Midnight Suns may be one of the most underrated and overlooked games of 2022, which isn’t entirely fair. Spider-Man is also present here, and he is part of a huge superhero squad that you have to somehow manage.

Unlike Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Midnight Suns devotes time to less hyped but no less interesting characters like Blade, Nico Minora and Magik. Gameplay puts your tactical powers to work as you constantly consider the positioning of each of your heroes and carefully consider your next move in intense turn-based battles.

The good news is that Midnight Suns is much more forgiving than other similar XCOM-style tactics games, so even complete newcomers to the genre will enjoy it.

Games similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
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