“Foundation: Osman”: how the Turkish series ended

“Foundation: Osman”: how the Turkish series ended

The Turkish TV series ” Foundation: Osman ” premiered in 2019. The film was a continuation of the project “Renaissance: Ertugrul”; its plot tells about the formation of the Ottoman Empire. The release date of season 5 fell in the fall of 2023, and in February 2024, viewers learned how the series “Foundation: Osman” ended.

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Brief story

The film tells about the historical period associated with the rise to power of Osman Ghazi ( Burak Ozçivit ), the son of Ertugrul (Tamer Yigit) and the ruler of the Kayi camp. Despite the right of inheritance, the main character will have to go through the council of the tribal nobility and convert to Islam. His father continues to live, despite his advanced age. During the reign of Osman, raids and devastation are called “holy war.” It also creates important management bodies. One day the hero has to flee for his life because he is accused of something he did not do. Ertugrul’s son falls into an insidious trap, and the one he trusted unexpectedly dies.

In the fate of the key character, events occur that are connected not only with state affairs, but also concerning his personal life. An assassination attempt is being prepared on Osman; in response, he gathers an army, not wanting to lose even a small part of the lands that still belonged to his father. The flame of hatred flares up between the main character and his uncle Dündar (Ragip Savas). Osman manages to show strength, but ends up falling into a trap again. The young man intends to marry the girl Balu (Özge Torer), but the path to their happiness is not so simple, the couple has to go through a lot of tests.

How the series “Foundation: Osman” ended

Season 1

Preparations are underway for the sacred battle, but not all the people support the ruler. Traitors are also hiding in the immediate environment. The main character is surprised, but is not afraid to fight even with someone with whom he is related by blood, despite the fact that he has always respected and appreciated this person. Osman is seriously wounded, but Balu is sure that her tenderness and care will bring her chosen one back to his feet. The lovers dream that they will start a family and be together, build a great and fair state. On the wedding day, enemies are preparing an attack on Ertugrul’s son, and traitors are again discovered in his camp. During the battle, the warrior fails to cope with the enemies, but his loyal friends come to the rescue in time.

Season 2

A long-standing mystery can be solved thanks to the flared flame of love. The fate of an entire nation now depends on Osman, his father is proud of him, but the enemies are not asleep and are preparing new traps. Wise Ertugrul does not want a fight between the brothers; Hazal Khatun (Yashim Ceren Bozoglu) also supports him. Because of his love for his brother, the main character is forced to violate the order of his parent, which enrages him. However, later the son takes an oath to his father to preserve traditions and stand guard over justice. He also confirms the right to power, promising to continue the fight against enemies and strive for his main goal – to unite all lands into a state.

In the future, Ertugrul’s son intends to marry Targun Khatun (Zeynep Tuuçe Bayat), which greatly injures Balu. At this time, the brother of the ruler of the camp, Kaya, decides to become his rival and begins to fight for the place of leader. Ertugrul prepares to proclaim a successor, but Gündüz plans to kill him before that moment. Osman receives the appointment, but immediately learns of the death of several beys heading to him. At this moment, Balu agrees to endure everything, and even find a suitable candidate for the role of the chosen one’s wife, just to stay close to the one she loves.

The struggle between Nikola and Osman continues to gain momentum, each hero making insidious plans. Targun Khatun is ordered to remove Bala and then proceed to Osman, but he pursues the goal of eradicating all traitors. However, he has a new enemy who joins forces with his previous opponents. The hero is surprised that he has an unexpected ally. In the battle between the troops of Nikola and Osman, Savji dies, the hero avenges his death and refuses to pay taxes to the Mongols. The key character appoints Malhun-khatun (Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy) to the role of the second wife, since Balu cannot bear him an heir.

At this time, the blood of the Turks continues to be shed, and Osman intends to avenge his brothers. Balu is forced to agree that she will share her chosen one with another woman. After the wedding, Malhun-Khatun’s pregnancy becomes known, and the ruler of the Kayi camp prepares for a decisive battle with Nikola. Season 2 of the series “Foundation: Osman” ends with enemies planning to take the life of an unborn child and his mother.

Season 3

The reign of the protagonist continues. Malhun Khatun gave her husband a son, Orhan (Emre Bey), and Balu also announced that she was expecting an heir. Osman will again have to go through a lot of tests and show his strength in battles. After resounding victories, new tribes join the ruler of the Kayi camp, but Nikola, who survived the wound, hatches a plan for revenge. Meanwhile, the relationship between the two wives of the protagonist begins to deteriorate, but soon everything gets better. Osman becomes the victim of an assassination attempt; they wanted to poison him, but he survived.

At this time, enemies attack the camp and steal the relic kept here, as well as several children. The main character goes to rescue the prisoners; circumstances threaten that a large-scale battle will soon unfold. Osman plans to conquer the Inegol fortress, then flees and is seriously wounded. Unexpectedly and to Baloo’s delight, he appears before his beloved, then is captured again, and his wives are driven out of the camp.

Osman is undeservedly accused of an assassination attempt on the Sultan himself, and a large-scale war begins. Finding himself in a hopeless situation, the hero goes to the sheikh for advice. Then the ruler of the Kayi camp meets Gunduz on the battlefield: after so many betrayals, he calls him brother. During the next battle, Balu goes into labor, and Vizier Alemshah takes the women in the tent captive. Another heir to the main character is born, and then the Sultan announces to him that the time has come to answer for his actions, threatening him with the death penalty. Osman’s secret enemy turns out to be a man nicknamed the Lord of Darkness.

The Emperor and Sultan Mesud unite, and the main character is unable to refuse Nikola, who is again planning revenge. Years later, Osman’s grown-up children learn to be warriors to help their father and fight in the name of the main goal. The long-term truce ends, the hour of conquest begins. The ruler’s sons are unexpectedly kidnapped, but he makes plans to capture the fortress, intending to get the sword at the right moment.

Nikola is captured, but refuses to surrender the fortress in peace. Osman’s warriors penetrate the territory, the enemy does not intend to retreat. As a result, Gunduz was mortally wounded, and Nikola’s head was sent to the Byzantine emperor. There are new goals ahead, but the enemy manages to inflame hostility between Osman and his like-minded friend Chobanoglu, who actually has other plans. The son of Ertugrul himself plans to conquer Yenisehir and Bursa.

Season 4

Under the guise of gladiators, Osman and the soldiers find themselves at the gladiatorial battles of Emperor Andronikos and enter into battle with the soldiers. The enemy intends to stop him at any cost and is looking for help. Olof plans to take revenge on the main character for the death of his brother: he wants to take away the most valuable thing – the children. Osman travels to Constantinople and falls into a trap, and then learns of an impending assassination attempt on the basileus, who at that moment decides to start a great war. The disappearance of the main character leads to the fact that preparations are underway in the camp for the ceremony of transferring the throne. The conquest of another fortress opens up new horizons for the Turks.

Esmihan Sultan decides to take advantage of the fact that the ruler of the Kayi camp has not yet managed to create his own state. However, it is not possible to reach an agreement peacefully. At this time, Olof organizes an attack on the headquarters, the unarmed Balu finds herself facing the enemy, and Esmihan sets new traps and eventually orders the death of Osman. The situation in Yenisehir worsens, the hero realizes that his death is near, and decides to steal Esmihan’s secret seal. A dangerous disease begins to spread that can destroy the city. The main character faces the death penalty, but Esmihan has his own plans for him. Osman and his entourage realize that they are in great danger, and Olof manages to capture Inegel.

The ruler is again on the verge of battle and is confident of his victory and that he will return the fortress at any cost. He intends to fight his enemy Naiman one-on-one, but Esmihan is watching the battle and continues to consider herself the only mistress of these lands. The protagonist’s fears come true: his three enemies join forces, and he ends up in prison. While awaiting execution, he vows to give the Turks freedom. This season of Foundation: Osman ends with Ertugrul’s son winning a new battle. Esmihan loses his power in the finale.

Season 5

Further hostilities depend on two points on the map, and the bloodshed continues. The hero is convinced that his choice is wrong, but he will not bow his head and will stand his ground. New victories give strength to go further towards the goal, however, enemies appear in the immediate environment. Osman has to accept Yakup’s terms, despite his initial reluctance to cooperate with him. The ruler becomes increasingly convinced that the Mongols are not trustworthy, and is later forced to unite with Yakup in order to save Orhan and Mehmet.

However, the main character refuses to swear allegiance to Yakup. The inhabitants of the palace become victims of poisoning, and former enemies are forced to observe a truce. However, the Sultan’s Janissaries and Mongol warriors soon enter the battle again. The Sultan falls into the enemy’s trap, and then Balu learns about the fall of Yenisehir. Osman wins the battle with Hercule Khan, seeking to further maintain his superiority. The times are coming again when the fate of lands is decided during battles. The key character is approaching his goal and plans to marry Gunduz’s daughter. The series “Foundation: Osman” ended with the fact that the planned wedding was in jeopardy, and Osman received the head of one of his vassals, Uraz Bey.

Did you know that…

  • The project became popular not only in its homeland, but also in Russia. The audience appreciated the director’s ideas, the chemistry between the main characters and the character of the main character, filled with the valor of his ancestors.
  • Fans of Burak Ozcivit noted that their idol managed to organically fit into the image and accurately convey the atmosphere of that time.
  • The project was filmed in the vicinity of Istanbul. The main location was the resort town of Riva on the Black Sea coast, and filming also took place in Segut.
  • The series became a laureate and nominee of numerous awards, the most significant of which was the Golden Palm Awards.

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