FFXIV PvP Update 6.51 Explained

FFXIV PvP Update 6.51 Explained

In version 6.51, things in FFXIV PvP once again saw minor balance changes, and Crystalline Conflict saw even more changes or additions. Here’s a detailed explanation of the FFXIV 6.51 PvP update.


FFXIV 6.51 PvP Update: Rebalances and Adjustments

Three professions have been changed in this update: Ninja, Sage and Paladin.

Paladin received a small buff across the board. The healing power of Sacred Claim, the debuff applied to other players when a player uses Confiteor, Blade of Faith, Blade of Trust or Blade or Valor, has increased from 2000 to 3000. Sacred Claims heals you when you attack hit players. with this. Paladins can now heal themselves even better. Is it any wonder that the Paladin was made even more indestructible?


Next, in PvP update 6.51, they buffed and nerfed Sage. Pneuma’s barrier power increased from 2000 to 3000. However, the number of stacks of Hymatinon gained was reduced from 5 to 4. But Eurasian Dose III’s damage over time is now 15 seconds instead of 12. That’s a full three seconds more pain, which helps to make Sage even greener DPS .

Ninja just received a full DPS buff. Doton and Hollow Nozuchi have their potency increased from 2000 to 3000. And Seiton Tenchu ​​now has 12,000 power instead of 10,000.

But perhaps even more important than buffs and buffs is the improvement in quality of life. Square Enix has been kind enough to provide us with these much-needed improvements:


Over Limit Dragoon, also known as Sky High, now changes color depending on whether your ally or enemy is using it. No more looking at the warning sign and wondering if it’s your team or another team’s Dragoon. You’ll know it by whether it’s blue or red.

FFXIV PvP Update 6.51 Explained

But it’s not just about breaking the Dragoon limit. They also added similar measures for Machinist turrets and Bahamut Summoner’s limit cap. Presumably the Phoenix limit break also received this update.

New arena

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a new Crystalline Conflict arena! It’s called “Red Sands” and looks like a Thanalan theme. You can roll around or avoid the sand while facing Antilons and Saboteurs as obstacles in the arena. Surely things can’t be that bad, right?


With PvP update 6.51, Crystalline Conflict is easier than ever to play. Consider joining the changing tides.

FFXIV PvP Update 6.51 Explained
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