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Features of Mass Effect: Andromeda that we hope to see in ME4

Features of Mass Effect: Andromeda that we hope to see in ME4

BioWare has confirmed that a new installment of the popular Mass Effect series is in development in 2020, and since then, fans have found it hard to contain their excitement. Players who fell in love with the world of Commander Shepard and his team were glad to learn that the franchise is still alive, but little is known about Mass Effect 4 yet. The first three games in particular have quickly solidified their reputation as classics in the science fiction genre, and there are many elements that fans would like to see in the next Mass Effect game.

However, even if the original Mass Effect trilogy holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers, the fourth part has a somewhat more complex legacy. Mass Effect: Andromeda definitely has its fans, and it was still a fresh take on the beloved series, but the game also faced several criticisms. Despite the launch bugs and other issues, there are many aspects of Mass Effect: Andromeda that players would like to see in Mass Effect 4 along with the features of the first three games.

Flexible Combat

Some criticisms of Mass Effect: Andromeda may be justified, especially those concerning the technical problems the game has encountered, but there are still many reasons why it is a great game. The Mass Effect: Andromeda combat system stands out, which took familiar systems from the first three games and raised their level. Players could still specialize in certain classes and use abilities based on technical, biotic, or purely combat skills, but they were not tied to one narrow specialization.

Gamers could change their profile throughout the game and switch the abilities used, which meant they could completely change their approach to combat whenever they wanted. This not only made the Rider much more efficient as they could adapt their tactics to any enemies they encountered, but it was also really fun. Players could try out a wider range of skills and experiment with any of them, from cryoluch to the old favorite overload.

In addition to upping the ante when it came to the abilities on offer, Mass Effect: Andromeda added a jetpack that allowed the Rider to jump into the air or even hover. This made combat and mobility much more dynamic and added levels of verticality that were not available to the same extent in previous games. Let’s hope Mass Effect 4 takes this into account when it comes to combat, and draws inspiration from Mass Effect: Andromeda more than the original trilogy.

A personal story for the main character

Shepard’s role in the original Mass Effect trilogy was vital to the story, and their journey from newly appointed Ghost to savior of the galaxy was undoubtedly emotional. But Mass Effect: Andromeda introduced players to a completely new galaxy, plot, and protagonist, deciding to really change the situation. Some argue that it didn’t quite pay off, as Ryder wasn’t as memorable or impressive compared to Shepard. However, there were some things in Ryder’s journey that worked really well and could transfer perfectly into Mass Effect 4.

Judging by what fans have already seen in the upcoming game, it seems that BioWare is aiming to integrate both galaxies that served as scenery for previous Mass Effect games, so it’s unclear exactly where the next entry will take place. It seems unlikely that Rider will appear, and even more unlikely that Shepard will appear, so players will probably keep an eye on the new main character as their story progresses. When gamers first meet Shepard, they are already well-known military figures with impressive careers under their belt. Ryder was young, untested, and had experienced a severe personal injury early in the game.

This works very well as an origin story, and players can invest more as they not only level up their character but also see him transform into a leader and hero. Mass Effect: Andromeda has succeeded in adding this layer to the narrative, and it may become something that haunts M. Effect 4 as well.

Keep a sense of humor

One of the best parts of any M. Effect game is companions. They help establish emotional connections, play a central role in many major plot twists, and, most importantly, bring humor. Despite the fact that the main storylines of each M. Effect game revolve around serious threats and general galactic problems, the games still retain their sense of humor. Much of this is achieved through interaction with and between companion characters, and M. Effect: Andromeda has made sure that comedy remains in the spotlight.

In M. Effect: Andromeda, there may be moments of tension, suffering, or even grief when a Rider is faced with the death of his father and the need to find a new home for those arriving from the Milky Way, but they still happen.


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Features of Mass Effect: Andromeda that we hope to see in ME4
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