“Family”: how the Turkish series ended

“Family”: how the Turkish series ended

The Turkish film ” Family ” premiered in March 2023. The genre of the film contains elements of crime drama, action and melodrama. The plot of the 30-episode film tells about an influential and powerful lady and her family associated with the dark and cruel world of crime.


How the series “Family” ended, as well as a summary of the plot and a description of the episodes – in the material Attiremag  .

Brief story

At the center of the story is the story of a wealthy and powerful woman, Hyulya, who is associated with crime and occupies a leading position in the mafia environment. All structures and areas in the city are subordinate to her, and she also runs her own business. In addition to work, the heroine worries about the fate of her family, which is faced with certain problems. The heir to the empire of Hulya (Nur Sürer) will be her son Aslan ( Kıvanç Tatlıtu ), so the woman tries to focus all her attention on him.

The guy feels depressed and needs psychological help. Meeting a specialist in this field leads to unpredictable consequences, but romantic relationships must be kept secret from others, otherwise the ending may turn out to be sad. Viewers are interested in how the storyline of each character will develop, and are waiting for the denouement to find out how it will all end and whether Aslan and Devin will be together.


How did the series “Family” end?

While traveling by plane, the main character Aslan meets a charming girl named Devin ( Serenay Sarikaya ). The young people spend time together, but then the new friend realizes that the guy is hiding something from her. Returning home turns into a scandal with his mother for the young man. Aslan asks not to interfere in his personal life. However, Hülya is convinced that without her his name would have been desecrated long ago, because she did everything for the good of the heir.

Aslan and Devin went on a boat trip together, the girl receives an expensive gift. Hülya was interested in her son’s choice, but the chosen one seemed too harsh and straightforward to her mother. The main character proposes marriage to his beloved, but is refused. After this, he goes to her father’s house, where he talks about his feelings. Hülya is ready to arrange a wedding for her son, but is afraid of losing her power, so she draws up a marriage contract. According to his terms, Devin will have to leave her husband’s house with nothing if he dies before her.

Still from the series. Photo: Kino-Theater

The girl unexpectedly encounters a man from her past. His appearance shocks the heroine, and Aslan intends to get rid of his competitor. After the attack, the young man thinks about revenge, but the chosen one asks him not to do this. Hülya receives her daughter-in-law, explaining what kind of family she ended up in. The key character’s mother wants everyone to follow her rules, but his fiancée announces that while she respects their family values, she won’t adhere to them if her freedom is violated. Devin intends to leave after everything that happened, but Aslan does not see a problem in this and talks about possible irreversible consequences.


The main character’s sister Leyla (Canan Ergüder) is convinced that their love will be able to overcome all obstacles and bypass all prohibitions. A video featuring Yagmur, Devin’s sister, in the escort industry falls into the hands of Hülya and Aslan. At this time, Yagmur herself became a victim of attack and beating. What happened shocks Devin, her lover calms her down, promising to find the culprit. Hülya orders the removal of CCTV footage proving the participation of Serhat Koruzade.

A woman tells her daughter-in-law on the phone that a lot of blood will be shed because of her sister and that losing her husband will not be as painful for her as losing a child to a mother. Aslan meets with Serhat and talks about family. Devin is angry when she learns that Serhat is free and is sure that Hülya is involved in the case. It turns out that Cihan (Nejat Ishler) helped Serhat get out of prison, but he did this to settle personal scores with him. The daughter-in-law’s behavior infuriates the main character’s mother; she tells the girl that she became part of their Soykan family only out of guilt.

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Seeing Ilyas Koruzade, Devin, contrary to Aslan’s expectations, was not afraid, but felt strength. Hülya is convinced that because of her son’s poor choices, so many problems have befallen their family lately, so she and Devin should break up. The heir only laughs in response, and the daughter-in-law accuses her mother-in-law of separating Yagmur and Ekrem and now switching to them. Ilyas does not understand what is happening and intends to figure it out.


Aslan did not want to become like his father, but this happened. Devin has a difficult decision to make, and Hülya tries to avoid starting a war between her son and Ilyas. But Aslan decides to reveal the whole truth, after which a fierce battle begins. The enemy promises to turn the existence of the Soykan family into a real hell. Hülya goes to see her rival, but he confronts the woman with a difficult choice, promising that this is the only way he will leave them alone. In the future, Devin, like the others, is forced to give false statements to the police.

Still from the series. Photo: Kino-Theater

Hulya did not choose either her own son or her adopted son, so Ilyas threatens to deal with everyone. Aslan learns about Ilyas’s surveillance and is angry with his mother after learning about their meeting. Meanwhile, one of the Soykan family’s cars is blown up, and the woman is again asked to make a choice. Despite confusion and despair, the heroine makes a decision.

The relationship between Aslan and Devin continues to develop, the guy confesses his love to his chosen one and arranges romantic surprises for her. Jihan has a nervous breakdown during the session, and Aslan informs his mother of his intention not to stay in Istanbul, but to go to a place where there is no place for lies in order to create a happy family. Hülya asks her daughter-in-law to tell her husband the truth that she has been hiding from him for months: about Cihan and their secret sessions.

The happiness of a couple in love is threatened, but feelings ultimately win. Afterwards, Devin still decides to leave her husband’s family, and Hülya is ready to punish those who dared to slander them. In a conversation with his brother, Aslan learns that Ilyas is alive and doing business with Jihan. The main character’s brother falls in love with a girl, but her father is against this relationship. At this time, Devin returns to the Soikan house, her speech shocks all its inhabitants. Jihan announces that the time has come for retribution, this scares the guy’s mother.

Devin tells Aslan that they need to go to Mrs. Nedret so that she agrees to fulfill their conditions. The main character becomes aware of the secret of his beloved. Devin is angry at his chosen one because he knew about the trap his uncle set for Layla. But he explains the reasons for his action. Aslan and Devin go to the event together, their feelings come to life again. After a visit from a stranger, the girl finds her lover in terrible condition, he is wounded. The heroine decides to take revenge on the person who stood in her way. A month later, the couple comes to a family psychologist, and then they find out that they will soon become parents.

Hearing this news, Hülya falls unconscious. Later, the mother-in-law changes her attitude towards her daughter-in-law, who is both surprised and pleased by this. Lovers have to endure the pain of loss. Devin receives support from her father’s business partner, Sermet. Hülya also consoles her son’s chosen one, but Leila does not believe in her sincerity. Aslan understands that his mother may be involved in the murder. The main characters go on vacation together, but their plans are interrupted by a stranger.

Still from the series. Photo: Kino-Theater

Meanwhile, a girl comes to Hülya’s office and intends to kill the woman, but she manages to stay alive. Devin ends up in the hospital, and her mother blames Aslan for everything that happened. The guy is not afraid to get his hands dirty with blood again for the sake of a prosperous future for his family, promising his wife that this will be the last time. The main characters think about an unborn child and choose a name for him. But doctors warn about the risks, so the expectant mother remained under the supervision of doctors.

Aslan and Devin continue to dream about the wedding and the wonderful days that await their family. However, a terrible event occurs again when a stranger shoots at the backs of Hülya’s sons. Jihan dies, and Aslan manages to avoid death, and in the end he takes revenge for his brother. Hülya kills Ilyas’ mother. Devyn goes into labor. The series “Family” ends with the main characters becoming the parents of a son. The ending shows events taking place 5 years later. Aslan left the world of crime and runs a restaurant business. Nedret is busy raising her grandchildren, and Hülya managed to realize her mistakes and did everything to improve relations with her family and be with her relatives.

Did you know that…

  • The director of the project was Ahmet Katiksiz, and the producer was Kerem Chatay.
  • The film was shot in Istanbul, in the Cekmekoy district. Such projects as “White Lies”, “Sweet Revenge”, “Kuzey Guney” were created in the same mansion.
  • Actor Kivanc Tatlıtu did not dream of connecting his life with cinema, planning to become a professional basketball player. However, due to an injury, I had to leave the sport and choose another field of activity.


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