Erdogan intervened: a Turk was imprisoned for killing a cat

Erdogan intervened: a Turk was imprisoned for killing a cat

A loud scandal erupted in Turkey as a result of which a local resident was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for killing a cat named Eros, TG channel Baza reports . This was a record sentence for animal cruelty in the country.

The incident occurred on January 1, when Ibrahim Keloglan beat a cat to death in one of the residential complexes. This act caused outrage among the residents, who loved Eros and considered him part of their community. When local residents discovered Eros’ body, they reviewed CCTV footage and identified the killer. The video quickly spread across the Internet, causing a wave of protests from animal rights activists and the public.

Ibrahim Keloglan and the cat Eros, ” Telegram “

The prosecutor demanded that Ibrahim be imprisoned for 6 years, but he was given 1.5 years in prison and “for good behavior” the prison sentence was replaced with a suspended sentence. The ensuing mass discontent led to a review of the case and tougher punishment. Many Turkish stars expressed their outrage, including Burak Ozcivit .

Even Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took part in this process and discussed the situation with the Minister of Justice. The revision of the sentence to 2.5 years in prison became a landmark moment in the history of Turkish justice. The incident highlighted the importance of protecting animal rights and showed that public pressure can influence judicial decisions.

In Russia, mass discontent was recently caused by the death of the cat Twix due to the fault of a train conductor .

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