Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost Service End Date Announced

Dragalia Lost Service End Date Announced

Nintendo’s foray into the mobile gaming market in the mid-2010s led to the gaming giant releasing a slew of games based on some of its most popular franchises. After the launch, Fire Emblem Heroes achieved overwhelming success on mobile devices, and franchises such as Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing soon followed. However, among the many Nintendo mobile games was the original Dragalia Lost project created by Cygames, the developer of Granblue Fantasy. Now the mobile role-playing game has officially confirmed the end date of its service.

Earlier this year, Nintendo and Cygames announced that Dragalia Lost would be shut down in 2022, with the latest content update scheduled for July. Now a new update from Nintendo has officially confirmed that the game will be closed on November 29, 2022. The update appeared simultaneously with the closing of purchases for the premium currency of the game, which ended simultaneously with the publication of the message. The basics and upgrade kits of Dragalia Lost will be available to purchase in the game until the end of October, ending on October 31.

The closure of Dragalia Lost in November will come just over four years after the game was launched in September 2018 and was a modest success. The mobile role-playing game earned $60 million worldwide in just four months after launch and later saw many crossovers with major franchises such as Persona 5 and Monster Hunter. Despite mixed reviews from critics, Dragalia Lost was nominated for the 2018 DICE Award. Portable Game of the Year Awards. The previously mentioned final update of the game was released on July 24, adding the second part of the 26th chapter of the history of Dragalia Lost.

In the announcement of the end of the Dragalia Lost service, many fans responded to the answers, hoping to see the cast of Dragalia Lost in another Cygames facility. Cygames’ flagship game Granblue Fantasy is often a collaboration with other games developed by Cygames, such as Princess Connect: ReDive. The mobile and the browser-based role-playing game also include a wide list of crossover characters, including characters from popular games such as Final Fantasy 11 and anime such as One Piece.

Nintendo has had significant success with many of its other mobile games based on its own franchises. Nintendo’s Pikmin mobile game, Pikmin Bloom, has been downloaded over 2 million times in less than a month after the game’s launch. Fire Emblem Heroes has remained one of the most profitable mobile games for both Android and iOS since its launch in February 2017. While the closure of Dragalia Lost will be a sad moment for many fans still playing the game, the game leaves a legacy as the only Nintendo game. mobile original IP.

Dragalia Lost is already available on mobile devices, and the service will end on November 29, 2022.


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Dragalia Lost Service End Date Announced
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