Doctors named breakfast, which reduces attractiveness

Doctors named breakfast, which reduces attractiveness

French scientists have concluded that eating sweets for breakfast can reduce a person’s attractiveness in the eyes of others, and overall body weight does not play a role. The study results, published in the journal Plos One , are based on an experiment involving 104 people who were divided into two groups. Participants in one group ate foods with a high glycemic index for breakfast, while the other group preferred foods with a low glycemic index. Outside volunteers were then shown photographs of the participants in the experiment, and it turned out that those who ate sweets for breakfast seemed less attractive.

Researchers suggest that the reason lies in the accelerated aging of the body due to the regular consumption of refined carbohydrates. In addition to affecting your appearance, excessive consumption of sweets also contributes to the development of obesity, type II diabetes, depression and cardiovascular disease.

Endocrinologist at the Moscow State University Clinic, Doctor of Medical Sciences Zuhra Pavlova, commenting on the results of the study in her TG channel , emphasized the danger of refined carbohydrates, which are contained in products with premium wheat flour and sugar. She noted that such carbohydrates are easily digestible and quickly become addictive, which should be avoided, especially at breakfast, to avoid fatigue and hunger within a few hours after eating.

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