Divorce from Ursulyak and rumors of an affair: about the personal life of actor Alexander Golubev

Divorce from Ursulyak and rumors of an affair: about the personal life of actor Alexander Golubev

Alexander Golubev , the leading actor in the series “ Ten Days Until Spring ,” is recognized and loved by Russian audiences. The actor prefers to concentrate on professional achievements and not advertise his relationships with women. They say about such artists that he is popular, but not public.

Alexander Golubev’s wife, his family and children are in the Attiremag material .

First wife Alexandra Ursulyak


Alexander Golubev, a student of Vitaly Solomin’s course , entered the university after being recruited by Anatoly Romashin , and graduated under the guidance of Alexander Lenkov . The young artist absorbed knowledge quickly and greedily, after which he tried to immediately put it into practice. He threw himself into the whirlpool of creativity, giving the audience his talent without reserve.

For such zeal and fire in his eyes, his first wife, Alexandra Ursulyak, fell in love with him . Daughter of the famous director Sergei Ursulyuk , with whom the actor later worked on the “Liquidation” project.

Their love story began thanks to their profession. Together, the young artists starred in the comedy “Full Throttle!” The relaxed atmosphere was conducive to communication. Soon both were crazy about each other. This happened in 2004.

At the wedding, the bride’s father presented the newlyweds with an envelope with money, on which he left congratulations on the first marriage in their personal lives. With this ironic phrase he expressed his attitude towards such a hasty decision. At the same time, Sergei Vladimirovich treated his son-in-law with professional respect, to which was added fatherly love.

The couple’s first daughter was born in 2006. The girl was named Anna. According to the artist, only after the birth of his first child did he feel responsible for his actions. Previously, Golubev perceived life as an amazing adventure.

A funny coincidence: 2 weeks earlier, Alexander himself was filming in the film “9 Months” in the same maternity hospital. Then he had to portray the joy of a young father who meets his wife and son. But the emotions depicted were incomparable to the real feeling of love that he experienced when he held his newborn daughter in his arms. Moreover, feelings washed over the actor belatedly. At first he almost fell into a stupor. Only when I was left alone with the baby did I feel the seriousness of the events that had happened.

Alexandra Ursulyak and Alexander Golubev. Photo: YouTube

After 2 years, a second daughter, Anastasia, appeared in the family. But by this time the marriage had already begun to crack at the seams. The artists divorced in 2010, 6 years after the wedding. They did not voice the reason for the divorce, but there were rumors that the initiator was Alexander Golubev’s wife.

It was rumored that she could not stand the loving nature of her husband and wanted to leave him. Evil tongues claimed that the artist simply lost a large sum that the family wanted to spend on buying real estate. The actors themselves declined to comment.

Nevertheless, the former spouses remained friends. Golubev always happily comments on any successful projects of his ex-wife. He calls her a big personality and a true professional. The artist does not lose contact with his daughters. Participates in their upbringing and often spends his free time. The actor’s method is simple: he communicates with his children as equals.

The ex-wife of Alexander Golubev was not left alone. She connected her life with violinist Andrei Rosendent and gave birth to a son from him.

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Rumors about an affair with Elena Shamova


While working on the set of Yuri Moroz’s series “The Last Romans,” Alexander met the aspiring actress Elena Shamova . The film was shot in Malta, so the atmosphere was conducive to romantic feelings. It is quite possible that this is why rumors began to spread that the couple started dating.

Alexander Golubev in the film “Ten Days Until Spring”. Photo: Mail.ru

Journalists became aware of the affair, although the artists themselves did not confirm their relationship. And soon the situation became clear: Elena and her husband, whom she met on the set of the series “The Life and Adventures of Mishka Yaponchik ,” went to live in Singapore.

The artist himself does not mention who Alexander Golubev’s wife is now or whether he only has a girlfriend in his interviews. He prefers to concentrate on creativity, without wasting time on news about his personal life.

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