Dead Island 2 Haus: How to find Dead Islands

Dead Island 2 Haus: How to find Dead Islands

Dead Island 2 Haus: How to find Dead Islands

Dead Islands are a new weapon that you can find in Dead Island 2 Haus. While the weapon itself may not be anything special, the path to obtaining it is a lot of fun.


How to Walk the Path of the Unworthy

To begin the Lost and Found quest in the Dead Isles, you need to complete the main quest  In Search of Truth. Once this is done, you can return to the Serling Hotel and find the first clue on the large marble table near where you spawned in the area. This is a small Polaroid photo, so it may be difficult to find at first.

Tip #1 – An Invitation to Failure

The first clue will show you a picture of a circle of flowers, so you need to head to that location. You can find it in the recreation areas of a suburban neighborhood. Once in this area, look at the first house on the left and go around to the right. You should see flowers there, and when you approach, a zombie named Thalia the Unworthy will appear. Kill the zombies and you will receive the next clue.


Tip #2 – Assessing Inadequacy

Unfortunately, the next clue doesn’t come with a photo, but it’s also pretty simple. The key part of the clue is the phrase highlighted in red. Simply put, the solution is to head to the second house on the right side of the area. Go up to the attic, where you will find a corpse and the next clue. This is where hunting the Dead Islands in Dead Island 2 gets a little tricky.

Hint #3 – First Game: Follow, Vomit, Flash

This clue is much more mysterious than either of the other two. But the main thing to pay attention to is the phrases  Follow, Puke, Flush and samples of club music. It tells you to go down to the weird club area underneath the suburban leisure center. We especially need to go to the toilets down there. You’re looking for restrooms that branch into two mini-areas. One has a booth with a hole in the wall through which you can go to the other side. And Slyunyak will be waiting for the other one. First, you need to kill the bib and then explore the stalls here to find the next clue.

Hint No. 4. Game two: listen, crawl, burn.

The next clue will lead you to the forest at the opposite end of the estate. You won’t be able to recognize any specific location from the clue other than the name referring to one of the two bonfires. You need to head to the one at the southern end of the map, where you will find the final clue next to a body nearby.


Hint No. 5. Game three: kill, steal, absolve sins

This last clue doesn’t suggest that you need to go anywhere. Once you read it, an enemy named  Marco’s Last Challenge will appear and you will need to defeat him. Then, after Marco is dealt with, another enemy named  Ezra the Last Loser will appear. Ezra will drop the key to the chest containing our prize.

Return to the house where you need to go for the second clue and use the key on the locked chest to the right of the corpse. Inside you’ll find Dead Islands, a brand new unique mace in Dead Island 2 Haus with a neat globe design.


Dead Island 2 Haus: How to find Dead Islands
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