Dead Island 2 Haus: how to find a crossbow

Dead Island 2 Haus: how to find a crossbow

Dead Island 2 Haus: how to find a crossbow

The Crossbow is a new weapon that you can find in the new Haus DLC for Dead Island 2. This is a weapon that allows you to take out zombies without being seen, and it can be very useful for taking out a few enemies before the real battle begins.


How to get a crossbow in Dead Island 2 Haus

Unlike most other weapons in Dead Island 2, the crossbow does not drop as loot until you reach a certain part of the main quest line in House. You don’t actually get the Crossbow until you complete the first main section of the House, which makes sense since you can use it to unlock some new rooms when you return to old areas.

Continue playing through Haus until you have a goal to find the mysterious well during the  Invitation quest. This part of the quest will take you to a strange artificial forest created by a death cult. Before you can reach the well, you will need to light two fires and maim the zombies in the arena. But then you will be able to get to the well correctly.


From here, all you have to do is jump and the Crossbow will be right at your feet. This particular crossbow is called the K-Prototype. From this point on, you should start seeing other crossbows drop from zombies and chests. Additionally, when you complete the main quest chain for House, you will receive an unusual crossbow called the  K-Rossbow, which will outperform any others you find.

Best Ways to Use a Crossbow

These are weapons that work a little differently than any other weapon in Dead Island 2. If you think about most of the zombie-killing tools in the game, you’ll realize that they’re all about carnage. The crossbow is different in that this weapon requires a little more dexterity and patience due to its slow reload and a small amount of ammunition. It can do a ton of damage on a headshot, but if you’re in a tight fight, it might not be the best thing to take with you.

So, the best way to use a crossbow is before the fight even begins. Use the scope to your advantage to shoot zombies from a distance. And if you learn how to score those headshots, don’t be afraid to use them in a tough fight against the Crusher to deal some good damage. Just be careful as it takes some getting used to.

Dead Island 2 Haus: how to find a crossbow
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