Crash site | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Crash site | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Crash site | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

The tourist flight on which Samara was present finally crashed. Shortly after, TF141 decided to gather information and prevent this attack from being attributed to the wrong people. Arriving at the Crash Site, Farah and Alex realize that they are not alone after all…

In this new open combat mission , you have several ways to approach your enemies. Your main objective is to find phones that survived the plane crash to erase any evidence that could make Samara look like a terrorist and thus implicate the United States in this attack.

Search for cell phones

You have night vision goggles, use them as soon as you can to identify your targets. Here we present to you a passage which allows you to sneak by eliminating the guards little by little and not rush into them unnecessarily.

First eliminate the two guards in front of you in quick succession, before attacking the guard posted high up to the south. Then, you can go around the first houses on the left to eliminate all the surrounding guards while remaining hidden before joining, for example, the main path of the village to eliminate a reinforcement vehicle that arrives.

Search the ammunition crates just opposite where you came from and progress to the right of the main building in which you will find equipment, to find a first telephone near a corpse sitting against a stone, right in the heart of your area. game. Watch out for the guards lurking in the area. On your left, spot the nose of the plane on fire. Right in front is an enemy truck and right next to this truck, on the side of the house, you will find a second phone.

Retrace your steps and take the right of the central buildings to find a little further on the third and last telephone on the ground against a pile of pallets covered with a black tarpaulin.

Find the black box

To continue the mission, you must steal the contents of the device’s black box, already recovered by the members of the Konni group. Enter the house right next to your position and search the rooms until you come across a closed door on the ground floor behind which there is a guard. In this room is the black box that you need to hack. As you leave the house, you learn that Alex is in deep trouble.

Saving Alex

You will have to help him by going up a hill in the area, heading towards where you found the first phone. Head east and climb the small path on the cliff as soon as you can, taking care to eliminate your opponents. Eliminate the three men holding Alex and get into the car next to it to complete the mission.

The next one, Poudrière , will be a real bloodbath, prepare yourself. To know everything about Call of Duty Modern Warfare III , don’t forget that we have prepared a complete guide for you that centralizes everything you need to know about the game.


Crash site | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough
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