Could become Buzova’s husband: interesting facts about actor Oleg Nazarov

Could become Buzova's husband: interesting facts about actor Oleg Nazarov

Oleg Nazarov is a rising Russian star. The lack of specialized education did not prevent him from making a career in cinema. The artist did not immediately come to television. But his thorny path to creativity is still not over. The performer continues to experiment, but one thing is clear: he is guaranteed success in every endeavor.

Interesting facts about Oleg Nazarov are in the material of Attiremag .

Legal education

After graduating from school, Nazarov went to Moscow, where he entered the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on a budget place. Oleg demonstrated a responsible attitude towards obtaining higher education. But the guy understood that he needed to provide for himself.

Oleg Nazarov. Photo: Kino-Theater

For the first 2 years, he and other classmates lived in a military barracks, as is customary at this university. But from the 3rd year I moved to the dormitory. In his free time, Oleg began working as a security guard. Thanks to a new source of income, Nazarov met an employee of a modeling agency, who offered to sign a lucrative contract.

The new hobby did not prevent the young man from studying at the university. After receiving his diploma, Nazarov already knew for sure that he wanted to be an artist, so he went to Freshfilms school to improve his skills, which he graduated from in 2019.

Modeling career

Nazarov took his first steps on the catwalk in the Kremlin. Oleg admits that his knees were shaking before entering the track, but he managed to cope with his anxiety. The guy got the hang of it and couldn’t imagine his life without modeling. He received an invitation to Milan for Fashion Week. There he managed to appear in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Gianfranco Ferré and Versace, and reports with Oleg’s participation were shown on Channel One.

In addition to advertising contracts, Nazarov tried to do business, opened several coffee shops, but he was better at transforming himself in front of the camera. He can be seen in advertisements for men’s clothing brands, shaving cream, groceries and others. An interesting fact from the life of Oleg Nazarov: the actor, among other things, organized a school for small models “Ligamodeles”, where parents happily bring their heirs.

Advertising in Tele2

Already well-known in modeling circles, Nazarov was invited in 2017 to film an advertising project for Tele2. For the artist, they developed the image of a glamorous gray-haired old man with a white beard and mustache, who became the real hero of a long-running project.

Nazarov calls this image a rehearsal for old age. To create it, he specially grows facial hair so that stylists can then dye his hair white. Oleg became a real star of the photo shoot, after which his contract was extended for the next seasons.

Filming in a wheelchair

Nazarov’s first big role is the hero of the series “ Consonances of Love ,” who is forced to spend most of his life in a wheelchair. Nazarov approached the study of the image creatively. Oleg got hold of a stroller and began to use it in life. For the first time he drove it from home to work. It took him 2.5 hours to get to the studio. His path ran through the metro and buses.

During the journey, Nazarov realized that the country has a poorly developed infrastructure for people with disabilities. An interesting fact from the life of Oleg Nazarov: later the artist switched to a more modern wheelchair, and it became much more convenient for him to move around in it.

Groom for Buzova

It was no coincidence that Nazarov got involved in the project “Married to Buzova” in 2018. At that moment he was in search of love. Despite his popularity, the artist also experienced disappointment in communicating with girls and wanted to find the ideal one who would become his muse and wife. In the person of Olga Buzova, he expected to find his soul mate. But already in the first issue, the advertising star made a fatal mistake.

Oleg Nazarov. Photo: Kino-Theater

He opened up with the heroine of the TV show, saying that he had recently experienced a breakup with a girl who was dear to him. Despite the fact that Olga glanced at Oleg all evening, she could not leave him in the project. According to Buzova, she did not intend to heal anyone’s mental wounds, since she herself needed male care.

Italian language

An interesting fact about Oleg Nazarov: he visited Italy a lot for work. This country is closely connected with his modeling career, so the artist needed to learn Italian. The young man mastered it to communicate with clients easier and faster. In addition to the need to speak Italian, Nazarov admits that he does it with pleasure, as he loves this melodic and expressive language.

Filming in the series “Get her across the Maidan”

In 2024, Oleg Nazarov appeared in the ensemble cast of the TV series “ Transfer Her Across the Maidan ” in the role of the main character Igor Melnik. This picture is dedicated to historical events that took place on the territory of Ukraine. The political thriller was created by order of Channel One.

Nazarov considers the series truthful and realistic. He is proud of his work in the “Get Her Across the Maidan” project. Oleg has a positive attitude towards the desire of the film’s creators to tell the true story of what happened in Kyiv in 2013–2014. For him personally, this plot remained a story of great love. An interesting fact about Oleg Nazarov’s career: work on the painting was carried out under the supervision of political consultants who had information about that period.

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