Celebrities who died in March 2024

Celebrities who died in March 2024

Life is short. This is most acutely felt when irreparable losses occur. The mournful list of spring included Russian and foreign famous people who left their mark in art and politics.

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Celebrities who died in March 2024


1. On March 1, the Soviet and Russian drummer of the Zoo group Valery Kirilov passed away . The cause of death of the last member of the creative team, Mike Naumenko, was a long illness. The funeral was planned at the Volkovsky cemetery.

2. Fashion icon and businesswoman Iris Apfel died on March 1 . The designer inspired with her sense of taste. And the “trick” of the “hundred-year-old starlet” turned out to be her ability to combine prints and textures. Apfel explained her love for bright colors this way: “ You can raise the dead with color .” The celebrity, who died in March 2024, was 102 years old.

3. On the same date, the heart of playwright and director Igor Afanasyev stopped. The cause of death was listed as a serious illness. The filmmaker is remembered as the screenwriter of the serial film “ Peter the Great. Testament .”

4. Alla Bogina continues the mournful list of losses on the first spring day. The performer was remembered as a star with delicate and delicate facial features in the TV series “Walking Through Torment” and the film “You Wrote to Me.”

5. On March 2, Valery Ivchenko found eternal peace. The actor’s creative biography includes about 50 film works. The most notable role was in the TV series “ Brezhnev ”. The circumstances of the death were not made public. The funeral took place at the Smolensk cemetery.

6. The death of judoka Kazbek Zankishiev in his sleep on the 2nd was a loss for sports fans. The athlete was 32 years old. The preliminary cause of the tragedy turned out to be a detached blood clot and pulmonary edema. Details will be known after the examination. According to the insider, shortly before the end of his life, Kazbek complained of heart pain.

7. The mournful list of celebrities who died in March 2024 continues with Georgy Nikolaev, whose creative biography includes work in the serial films “ Doctor Krasnov ”, “ Streets of Broken Lanterns 15 ”. The actor’s body was discovered on March 3 in the apartment where the actor had recently lived.

8. Canada’s first lady of jazz, Eleanor Collins, died on March 3. The foreign performer with a mesmerizing voice was often compared to Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne. The singer died at 104 years old.

9. On the 4th, the heart of the foreign composer Jean-Pierre Burter stopped. The musician is known for his soundtracks to projects of the 80s. And the maestro’s most notable work was the melody for the cartoon “Lords of Time”. Hits based on Burter’s music were performed at Eurovision by Charles Aznavour and Johnny Hallyday . The circumstances of the death remained secret.

10. On the same day, actor Ilya Ustyuzhaninov passed away. For nine years the performer suffered from cancer. Ustyuzhaninov’s last work was a role in the series “ Operation Throne .” The artist is survived by his wife and daughter.

11. Showman, sports commentator and actor Paul Oud, known for the “The Boys” franchise, passed away after brain surgery. The performer found eternal peace at the age of 69.

12. On March 5, actor and mime Luke Boyer died. The performer is remembered for his triptych, the first part of which was the production “Step by Step on Wheels.” In his work, Luke, who suffered a stroke in 2012 and found himself paralyzed on half his body, spoke about life after the disease. Even before 2015, Boyer was on stage.

13. The mournful list continues with Linda Balgord, who died on the 5th. The celebrity, who died in March 2024, is known as a Broadway performer who played the role of Grizabella in the original musical Cats and Norma Desmond in the production of Sunset Boulevard. The circumstances of the death were not disclosed.

14. Soviet and Lithuanian director Rimas Tuminas passed away on the 6th. Since 2014, the performer has been treated for cancer. The director found eternal peace in the intensive care unit of an Italian hospital.

15. On the same date, actor, poet and screenwriter Aisen Doidu passed away. The filmmaker took part in the work on the projects “His People” and “Sniper Sakha,” which is considered one of the best films about the Second World War. The cause of death was a long illness.

16. On March 7, the forward of the Russian national mini-football team, Vyacheslav Moskalenko, died. The athlete was 43 years old. The former player died during the operation to protect Donbass.

17. On the same date, actor Steve Lawrence, who played the role in the American serial comedy “My Fair Nanny,” found eternal peace. Steve was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The circumstances of the death of the singer and comedian indicate complications of Alzheimer’s disease.

18. On March 8, Dolly Sokha passed away. The cause of death of the celebrity was cervical cancer. The family of the actress, remembered for her roles in the films “Daughter-in-Law” and “Kalash,” suffered another loss the day before: sister Amandeep Sohi died of jaundice.

19. On the 9th, at the age of 89, the bandy legend Nikolai Durakov passed away . The athlete’s achievements include six-time leadership in the “Best Sniper of the World” category.

20. On the 9th, after a performance in the arena of the Great Moscow Circus, tightrope walker Vlada Morozova died . The artist was 22 years old. The preliminary cause of death was hypoglycemia, which the body could not cope with.

21. On March 10, Yuri Kopytin’s heart stopped. The dancer and choreographer staged such choreographic works as “Dance with Tambourines” and “Spring Games”. The circumstances of the death were not disclosed.

22. On the 10th, Russian director of photography Marina Gornostaeva died in an ambulance. The filmmaker is known for his work on the projects “Simple Things” and “Schultes”. The cause of death was listed as lung cancer. Marina has a minor son.

23. The actress of the films “ Women ” and “French Lessons” Galina Yatskina passed away at the age of 80 on the 10th. The circumstances refer to a long-term illness. Five days before the tragic ending, the celebrity took monastic vows.

24. On March 10, at the age of 80, gymnast Sergei Diomidov passed away. The Soviet athlete is known as the author of the “Diomidov’s Pinwheel” element, which was later filled with new content. The cause of death was not reported.

25. On this day, the world lost director and producer Percy Adlon, whose name is associated with the New German Cinema movement. The director’s career includes more than 150 projects, including festival films. The most notable works were the sensational films “Cafe Baghdad” and “Cloudberry”. Details of the death were not specified.

26. Russian CT announcer Svetlana Morgunova passed away on March 10. In the last years of her life, the presenter secluded herself and experienced the loss of her son, who died at 52 years old. According to rumors, the TV star developed dementia, and the cause of death was a broken blood clot.

27. The list of celebrities who died in March 2024 is continued by the President of the Association of Banks of Russia Georgy Luntovsky , who passed away at the age of 73 after illness.

28. On March 11, at the age of 78, foreign lawyer and writer Paul Alexander , who was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the person who lived the longest thanks to an iron lung, died. Paul was put into the capsule after he was diagnosed with polio in the summer of 1952. Alexander learned freedivers’ breathing techniques and could stay without the apparatus for up to several hours. Paul described his story in his memoirs.

29. On the same date, at the age of 75, American vocalist and songwriter Eric Carmen passed away . The performer was part of the Raspberries team. The All by Myself hitmaker found eternal peace in his sleep.

30. On the 11th, actor and director Surya Kiran died of jaundice. The performer made his debut in childhood and starred in 200 films under the pseudonym Master Suresh. Later, the most sought-after child artist became a director. The foreign star was 51 years old.

31. On the 12th, Alexey Chetvertkov found eternal peace. The performer is remembered from the cult film “Burglar”. The shooting partners were Konstantin Kinchev and Oleg Garkusha . The suspected cause of death of the celebrity was a heart attack.

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