BO4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Easter Eggs guide

BO4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Easter Eggs guide

In the world of Call of Duty, there’s a map that is complete with easter eggs. The blood of the dead is the biggest task to complete in the presence of zombies. In Blood of the Dead, there are many tasks and new challenges you have to compete with them. BO4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Easter egg is the one map that is the longest for Black Ops zombies.

Moreover, when playing the map in Call of Duty, you must pick the various mini easter eggs. A complete guide with steps you need to know before playing BO4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Easter Eggs.

Complete guide to BO4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Easter eggs

What are Easter eggs?

A Call of Duty Easter Egg is a hidden surprise that can be found throughout the series. In Treyarch’s Zombies games, they play an important role. It is possible to accomplish some tasks independently, while others require much collaboration.

Blood of the Dead requires the players to escape Alcatraz prison alive, as the title suggests. I won’t give away the ending cutscene in this guide, but it’s a big hint. Hell’s Retriever, Acid Gat, and Spoon are some weapons players must have while touring the hunt. Because of its Spirit Blast and Spectral Vision features, the new Spectral Shield plays an important role in many EE steps.


  1. Turn the power

At the start, you have to turn on the power. It’s the first step in the world of the blood of the dead. There are two power supplies which you have to turn on.

  • From west
  • From east

First, you have to turn on the power supply from the warehouse on the west side. Alongside turning on from the west side, move to building 64 on the east side of China Alley. After switching on the power, there’ll be zombies that are waiting for you to attack them and kill them. Also, don’t forget to pick the key to help you in the blood of the dead easter eggs.

  1. Build the shield

After turning on the power, there’s a shield that absorbs the energy that you’ll receive. The shield will help you in unlocking the pack with a punch. You have to find the three parts that are located around the areas.

The first is found in the Citadel tower, a shield in the staircase. The second part is Epheral Essence. There is no purgatory mood; it’ll not produce energy near the red electric box. So, you can absorb energy there. The last part is Michigan Avenue, which is the closed staircase.

After all these three parts, you can use the shield in front of zombies.

  1. Spectral shield

The spectral shield is all above the ultimate shield. Spectral shields will protect you not from the back, but it’s a life for you. To find the shield, you have to go towards the mystery box and buy all the keys there, then pick the warden’s key that will unlock the spectral shield.

  1. Pack a punch

It’s time to create the Pack-A-Punch machine for zombies by combining the Warden’s key and shield.

  • You can collect zombie souls using the shield key. Equip the shield, then hold down the trigger until you collect zombie souls. A full charge of the shield is reached after about 3-4 zombies.
  • A Spirit Blast should be fired at the meter to the right of the electric chairs on the roof of the main prison to activate the meter on the roof.
  • The PaP should now be unlocked, and spirits should appear
  1. Upgrade the magmagat

You can upgrade the regular Blundergat in Blood of the Dead to the Magmagat if it’s not doing much damage against zombies. You can begin the upgrade by placing the weapon in the fireplace in the Warden’s house. When the weapon has been deposited, you should kill zombies and collect the blue essences they drop.

Your magmagat is ready. But keep in mind that if it is not restored, the energy will be reduced.

  1. Build the hell’s retriever

The beloved lethal boomerang is back in action in Blood of the Dead. Beyond its effectiveness in eliminating hordes of zombies, the Retriever proves indispensable in retrieving wise inaccessible. Retriever is the best easter egg map that will help you fight zombies. In the mob of death, you will easily find the hell’s retriever.

  1. Hell’s redeemer

After hell’s Retriever, there’s a more upgraded throwing ax, hell’s Redeemer. To find the hell’s redeemer, you have to fight with the zombies, and then you listen to the wolf’s sound and the dog’s mark. Follow them, and hell’s redeemer will be placed there.

  1. Blundergat

The Blundergat is a mystery box weapon that requires players to accumulate sufficient points for a chance to obtain it randomly. Initially, it comes in its basic form, resembling a shotgun. However, an upgrade for this weapon will be pursued shortly.

  1. Find the spoon

You can find the hidden numbers on the pillars by looking through the Spectral Shield in the Warden’s Office. It is recommended that they appear in bright blue.

Descend to the base of the Citadel Tunnels, specifically the spiral staircase, and locate the secured cabinet affixed to the wall. Employ the Warden’s Key, obtained after dispatching the Warden initially, to unlock the cabinet. Subsequently, jolt the opened cabinet with a Spirit Blast from the shield to set it into motion.

Although proceeding outdoors to the Dock, situated near the area with a view of the water and the distant crane, utilize a charged shield to activate the meter, prompting the crane to retrieve an item from the water. Employ the Hell’s Retriever, throwing it at the crane’s net containing a skeleton. Finally, pick up the Spoon from the box by holding the square button.

  1. Unlock the secret room

To get in the secret room, you must use the hell’s retriever to kill the bird symbols. After that, it will bring you to the secret room.

  1. Golden spork

You have to find the golden spark in the secret room.

For upgrading the golden spork. Kill the zombies near the bathtub in the infirmary. After killing, Your golden spark will be upgraded.

  1. Final fight

After all the process, you’ll be at the last point, a boss fight. Becare a warden and complete all the easter eggs.

The bottom line

It’s interesting to play the BO4 Zombies: Blood of the dead easter eggs with the above guide. Blood of the Dead is the biggest map in Call of Duty that leads you in front of zombies. The above steps make your work easy in winning the map.

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BO4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead Easter Eggs guide
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