Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

In Ark Survival Ascended, your weapons will determine your success in combat and in the wild. The right tool will ensure your survival.


I’ve tried every weapon in the game and I can confidently say that the following list is a pretty accurate list of the best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended. Dinosaurs were harmed in compiling this list.

Ten Best Weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

Below is a list of the ten best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended, ranked from worst to best. Although a general list also works (if you don’t agree with me).


Electric Prod

Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

The Electric Spike is a one-use weapon, which limits its capabilities and rating, but it is on this list because it serves a fantastic purpose. Despite its one use, this is all you’ll need if you want to take down a huge dinosaur to tame it or save your life. In the worst case scenario, Electric Prod can save your skin from a deadly situation. However, you won’t ultimately need to use this weapon unless you need a non-lethal strike.


Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

I really wanted the C4 to get a higher rating, but to be honest it’s a little clunky to use and not great for taking down large beasts. Naturally, it’s a lot of fun to use and ranks high on this chart, but in practice its only use is for smashing small and medium-sized dinosaurs to smithereens. And that’s only if they are at the epicenter of the explosion when it happens. Sure, it’s fun, but you won’t want to rely on it much in combat unless you’re escaping and leaving a trail with the Get Out of Jail card.

Long neck rifle

Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

The longneck rifle is a blast to use. Yes, it’s semi-automatic, but it does a ton of damage, especially if you hit the head. The range is huge, and production and delivery are relatively cheap. A great hunting companion, you’ll rely on this gun to take on any target until you get a better weapon. Ammunition is also not too expensive for mass production.


Harpoon launcher

Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

The Harpoon Launcher is a good weapon that you can get relatively early compared to other weapons. You will charge it with spears. The harpoon grenade launcher is a semi-automatic weapon that allows you to fire accurate and destructive shots. Aiming for the head is always better, and with this kit you can take down beasts that are much larger than you. However, the advantage of the harpoon launcher is that it is great for underwater warfare and will likely be your friend in the fight against these sea beasts.

Crafted Sniper Rifle

Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

With a fantastic range, the crafted sniper rifle deals great damage and also provides great range. With the help of a scope, you will be able to destroy opponents from a very safe distance, while they will not be able to close the distance and destroy you. Unlike other weapons on this list, this powerful ranged weapon can fire bullets without stopping to fix the next round, allowing you to fire off multiple shots in a row. Given the size and range, this could easily become the weapon of choice for some players.

Assault rifle

Finally an automatic weapon! The assault rifle is an exceptionally good weapon. This is expensive as it eats up ammo very quickly, but does  damage  . He can quickly overthrow big beasts and destroy many small villains in an instant. It would be wise to take an assault rifle with you for general use while you explore the island and gather resources. It is reliable and will serve you well.


Compound bow

So, ladies and gentlemen, I believe this is the most powerful ranged weapon: the compound bow. It deals brilliant damage and has good aiming. You do need to load it, and every bow needs to be loaded before shooting, but it’s more of a hunting weapon than a “holy cow and horde of predators” weapon. If you need to kill a strong and large animal or want to go hunting, take a compound bow with you.


Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

Rocket Launcher ranks very high in terms of fun, but unfortunately not so high in effectiveness. Or at least not as high as I had hoped. I didn’t find it very practical and the damage didn’t quite match what I was shooting. Now it actually deals high damage with a wide area of ​​effect, since one missile will turn a bunch of dinosaurs into pieces of meat. It’s not as effective against larger dinosaurs as you’d probably hope, so you’ll have to make multiple missiles to take out the larger dinosaurs.

Pump-action rifle

I love a good shotgun, and the Ark Survival Ascended does not disappoint with a pump action rifle. Each pellet does good damage, so if they all land you can take out a lot of small animals as well as any attacking threat. Is a predator lunging at you? Not anymore, as this weapon is a great last minute defense mechanism. You don’t have to be precise and you don’t have to aim for the head. Just start blowing up. It’s fun and effective.

Tek Rifle

Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended

So, the endgame weapon is, as expected, the greatest weapon in the game. Tek Rifle is cool and fun. A fully automatic gun that fires explosive rounds? Of course  this is the best weapon. It will destroy enemies, large and small, almost instantly. It does overheat, noticeable through the grille near the object, but this is not a big problem since the threats will not last long. The sight is unintuitive and not very convenient, but it zooms.


I hope this list serves you well, survivor, and that you listen to it for fun and to save your life.

Best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended
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