Best Team Comps for Conduit in Apex Legends

Best Team Comps for Conduit in Apex Legends

Best Team Comps for Conduit in Apex Legends

Conduit is a new Legend coming with Ignite in Season 19. You’re probably wondering what the best team composition is for Conduit in Apex Legends.


She is a Support Legend who specializes in enhancing her allies’ temporary shields. Let’s highlight some good commands for Conduit.

Apex Legends: Best Conduit Team Compounds

There are many legends that can be substituted for others if they provide similar benefits, so you may disagree with some of my choices. But here is a list of what I think are the best team compositions that pair well with Conduit and her abilities in Apex Legends.

  • Full support  : Conduit, Lifelife, Newcastle.
  • Up Close and Personal  : Conduit, Revenant, Ballistic.
  • Defense  : Conduit, Gibraltar, Newcastle.
  • Fast and Furious  : Explorer, Octane, Ghost.
  • Area Control  : Conduit, Seer, Caustic.


To get  a full support squad  , you can try out  Lifeline and Newcastle with Conduit  . While Conduit and Lifeline deal with health and shield regeneration, Newcastle can use his Mobile Shield and Castle Wall for additional protection. Up Close and Personal  is good if you want to hit the ground running, as Ultimate Conduit is good for stopping enemies from escaping. This team includes  Revenant and Ballistic  , so you’ll have an Assault and Skirmisher legend with you.

For  the defensive  composition of the team, I recommend adding  Gibraltar and Newcastle to the Conduit lineup. Conduit keeps all shields up, with Gibraltar and Newcastle further strengthening your team. The comp I call “fast and furious” is good for Conduit’s passive, which allows her to get a speed boost to catch up with fast team members like  Octane and Wraith  . This is a type of team competition with fast movement.

Finally,  area control  is good for blocking enemies and trapping them in one area. Conduit’s ultimate puts up damaging shield barricades to close out enemies,  Caustic  can increase the damage with his traps, and  Seer  is sure to reveal any hidden enemies trying to escape.


Best Team Comps for Conduit in Apex Legends
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