Best server console commands in Ark Survival Ascended

Best server console commands in Ark Survival Ascended

Best server console commands in Ark Survival Ascended

Are server console commands a scam? Yes. Do buggy, broken Ark Survival Ascended games need console commands? Yes. Here are some of the best you can use to stay ahead of the curve.


How to open the command console 

Opening console commands is very simple. You need to open the settings menu by pausing the game. Select the advanced menu and go to the Console Access setting. You can enable their use here.

Once done, exit the menu and press the ~ button. Now you can enter any command and press Enter to activate it.


10 Best Console Commands for Ark Survival Ascended

These are the weirdest and most wonderful games you can enjoy in Ark Survival Ascended. Some of them are useful, while others are just fun to play with.

  • admincheat Fly  – this command allows you to fly around the map. You can fly without worrying about the laws of gravity anymore. Most importantly, you can fly over dinosaurs in complete safety.
  • admincheat Ghost  – If you want to move around Ark Survival Ascend as a ghost, then this console command is for you. You can cut through anything, including dinosaurs. You can disable it using the Walk command.
  • SetGodMode Enable  – does what it says on the package. In Ark Survival Ascend, no one can harm you anymore.
  • Kill  – You are an evil person. This will kill whatever you are targeting in Ark Survival Ascended when you enter this console command. They will remain until you use the DestroyMyTarget command.
  • Infinite Stats   is a console command for players who don’t want to play the game the way it’s meant to be played. So just skip the grind and become a demigod.
  • GMBuff  – Clearly won. This console command combines god mode with invisibility to enemies and gives infinite stats. Again, a console command that essentially launches the game into a sandbox.
  • Force Tame  – This command will instantly tame any dinosaur that is in your direct target. So you can ride them right away, even without a saddle. However, this will result in a huge armor disadvantage.
  • admincheat DestroyWildDinos  – Goodbye wild dinosaurs. This will kill all the wild dinosaurs on the map. So, if you accidentally overfilled other console commands in Ark Survival Ascended, this will clear them out.
  • admincheat DestroyAll <type></type>  – This console command will destroy all creature types that you have placed in the types section. This comes in handy if you’re captured or just have a particular hatred for one enemy.
  • ChangeSize <size multiplier value></size>  – Be careful with this, you can completely mess up the game’s cropping and building physics, but it’s fun. Just become massive or, equivalently, become super small.
Best server console commands in Ark Survival Ascended
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