Behind the scenes: what is known about the personal lives of the actors of the series “Ten Days Until Spring”

Behind the scenes: what is known about the personal lives of the actors of the series “Ten Days Until Spring”

In March 2024, the 11-episode detective drama “ Ten Days Until Spring ” premiered on the PREMIER service and the NTV channel . The plot of the film tells about the events taking place in the environment of the Zhilin family, which is trying to understand issues of inheritance and finds itself in the whirlpool of the “Russian Spring”. Viewers are interested not only in what happens in the lives of the main characters, but also in what remains behind the scenes.

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Alexander Golubev


Alexander Golubev appeared in the role of Nikolai in the project . After graduating from VGIK, the actor married Alexandra Ursulyak , daughter of director Sergei Ursulyak . The acquaintance took place while working together on the project “Full speed ahead!” and became the beginning of a new love story. In 2004, after a short romance, the couple got married. Two daughters were born into the creative family, Anastasia and Anna. However, the idyll did not last long; divorce soon broke out. According to unconfirmed information, the couple separated due to the man’s love of love and numerous intrigues on the side.

Alexander Golubev and his ex-wife Alexandra Ursulyak. Photo: YouTube

The chosen one did not want to put up with this state of affairs, the decision was radical. After breaking up with his wife, Golubev continued to participate in raising the heiresses, who remained to live with their mother. Later, the Internet began to discuss Alexander’s affair with actress Elena Shamova , whom they also met on the set. However, the celebrities did not want to comment on their relationship in an interview. Now the artist keeps details not related to his profession and creativity secret from prying eyes and does not publish private photos in the public domain.

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Karina Andolenko


Natalia was played by Karina Andolenko . Not much is known about the personal life of the actress of the series “Ten Days Until Spring”: the media report that the artist is not married and has no children. As a student, she dated fellow student Gela Meskhi , but the love story turned out to be short and did not lead to marriage and the birth of children. In 2020, her colleague Dmitry Pchela spoke about a romantic relationship with the actress . They met at the Moscow Art Theater School.

The feelings were mutual and strong, Dmitry was thinking about starting a family. However, then he had to leave for Tallinn. After 2 years, the man returned, but the attempt to revive the faded love was unsuccessful. Later, Andolenko was credited with relationships with Dmitry Dyuzhev , Stanislav Bondarenko and Alexei Makarov , but the actress did not comment on these rumors.

Karina Andolenko. Photo: Kino-Theater

In one interview, Karina spoke about the man with whom she lived in an unregistered marriage for three years. The celebrity did not disclose his name and the reason for the separation. According to unconfirmed information, the union broke up due to the fact that the chosen one was far from the world of cinema and show business and was not ready for the difficulties associated with the creative profession of the other half.

Petr Rykov


Pyotr Rykov starred as Andrey . His personal life is not as successful as his creative career. He was credited with having affairs with Masha Malinovskaya and Anna Chipovskaya , but the information was not confirmed. I haven’t managed to meet my celebrity soulmate yet. In recent interviews, the actor admits that his heart is lonely, he is not married and has no children. And the reason that he did not start a family, Peter considers his difficult character and irregular work schedule.

Peter Rykov. Photo: Kino-Theater

Rykov notes that he values ​​independence, personal space, as well as the opportunity to retire and focus on his thoughts. He perceives relationships as a union of two independent people who do not count the minutes and hours spent together. The performer is convinced that the love of two hearts can withstand any distance and long separations. Also, Peter does not lose hope that he will still find the one in whose person he will find his beloved woman, a faithful friend and comrade-in-arms.

Anna Popova


The role of Dasha went to Anna Popova . Meeting the aspiring actor Eldar Lebedev , which happened on the set, led to the beginning of a romance and the birth of his son Daniel. The child’s parents were in no hurry to give their relationship an official status, considering the stamp in the passport not the most important thing. After giving birth, Anna did not stay on maternity leave and soon returned to filming, not wanting to give up prospects and career growth.

Her parents took care of their grandson. And the relationship with Lebedev gradually faded away, and eventually the couple broke up. In 2015, the actress met film producer Arseny Militsin, which turned out to be the beginning of a new love story. The man won her heart with his ease of communication and sense of humor, and began to court her beautifully. And then he proposed marriage against the backdrop of picturesque nature when they went on vacation to Thailand.

Anna Popova with her husband. Photo: @anna_popova_official

Arseny managed to find an approach to his beloved’s son; their communication did not cause any problems. A short time later, the couple officially became husband and wife. The actress of the series “Ten Days Until Spring” periodically publishes photos online with her beloved husband and son, never ceasing to thank fate and share her happiness with fans.

Andrey Sokolov


The character named Orlov was played by Andrei Sokolov . The artist’s personal life turned out to be no less bright and eventful than his path to professional success. He was more than once credited with having affairs with celebrities from the world of cinema and aspiring artists, but the man learned to take such rumors calmly. Andrei’s first love was a girl named Irina, whom he asked to marry a few months after they met.

However, the feelings soon faded, the family broke up, and no children were born in this marriage. The media wrote that Sokolov married actress Evgenia Guseva for the second time. A year later, the couple filed for divorce, as the relationship finally deteriorated. However, later in the interview the performer began to claim that this information was not true and they did not register the marriage with Guseva.

Andrey Sokolov with his wife Olga. Photo: “EG” / Personal archive

His third wife in 2010 was fashion designer Olga Popova, who gave birth to his daughter Sophia. However, when the child was 5 years old, the parents divorced. According to his wife, the reason for the breakup was Sokolov’s numerous infidelities and affairs on the side. The actor continued to take part in raising his daughter, and now prefers not to discuss personal details in interviews.

Ilya Alekseev


Ilya Alekseev reincarnated as Natalya’s husband Vadim Glushko . On the love front, the performer enjoys idyll and harmony; the man takes family values ​​seriously. This is not the first year that Ilya has been happily married and has two sons, Vladislav and Vyacheslav. The man tries to devote all his free time to the heirs, noting that, first of all, he strives to instill a love of sports.

Ilya Alekseev. Photo: @actor. alekseevilya

The actor of the series “Ten Days Until Spring” does not mention the name of his other half in interviews, and very rarely publishes family photos on his social network page. Sources report that Alekseev’s wife is not connected with the world of cinema and show business and leads a non-public lifestyle, not appearing with her husband at social events.

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