How to Get Rid Of Enemy Of Justice Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Get Rid Of Enemy Of Justice Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Get Rid Of Enemy Of Justice Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3,

BG3 operates with a cause-and-effect system, where each action undertaken may have implications that result in permanent setbacks. Adopting an aggressive approach and killing numerous characters including guards will lead to being cursed with the Enemy of Justice disorder within Baldur’s Gate 3.

If you obtain the Enemy of Justice condition, as its name suggests, it will cause every guard and law keeper that encounters you to target and attack you. This hostility can hinder your ability to accomplish various quests. Therefore, comprehending what this status entails and how to eliminate it is essential.

Understanding the Enemy of Justice Condition

The Enemy of Justice condition is applied to you when embarking on your path as a villain in Baldur’s Gate 3. This encompasses engaging in numerous violent rampages and killing sprees. If this handicap takes effect, every effort will be made by the guards to eradicate you, since you are regarded as an adversary of the system and marked for immediate execution upon detection.

Acquiring this DE buff is not a simple task within normal gameplay. Nevertheless, if one was to develop an unfavorable reputation amongst others and rumors begin circulating about their behavior, the allied guards will swiftly take notice. In such, cases, being pursued by these guards become prevalent with dire consequences including imprisonment or permanent expulsion from society.

Typically, it has been observed that the Enemy of Justice status is implemented after a guard is informed by a witness regarding your perpetration of killings within Baldur’s Gate 3.

Tips on Removing the Enemy of Justice Condition

Here are some tips on how to remove the Enemy of Justice condition. Although this DE buff is usually permanent, there are ways around it.

  • Eliminate Witnesses: If you have not yet been reported and labelled with the DE buff, then your best bet is to eliminate any witnesses who might incriminate you. Find and kill them before they can talk to the guards about what they’ve seen or heard.
  • Reload Manual Saves: If you do get hit with this affliction but have a manual save from before being reported, try reloading that earlier version of your game state – though be aware that doing so could erase progress depending on when it was saved.
  • Act 1 Trick: One unusual trick specific to Act 1 involves getting rid of Pandrina in Emerald Grove – she’s known for prying into people’s activities and reporting back to officials regularly. Killing her off means one fewer person able to tattle if things go wrong later down.
  • Act 2 Reset: As an added bonus: Once players reach Act 2 their previous status effects will no longer hinder play moving forward- thankfully everything resets upon progressing!
  • Bug Fixes: Finally comes fixing bugs related specifically towards ‘Enemy Of Justice’. If somehow afflicted without having done anything illegal/wrongdoing happens automatically through negligence Larian has nothing resolved thus far; open dialogue menus explaining possible fixes seem just until proper patches arrive– keep yourself updated!

Progression and the Goblin Camp

How to Get Rid Of Enemy Of Justice Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3

Upon the completion of Goblin Camp and extermination of Priestess Gut or Minthara, you will be inflicted with Enemy of Justice debuff. Their elimination is imperative for advancing your plotline as well as settling the dispute between Druids and Tieflings to move further in the game.

One potential witness can be found within the Goblin Camp. To eliminate any chances of being seen, consider wiping out all goblins present. This will ensure there are no witnesses left behind. Alternatively, after finishing Act 1, preparation for exploring Underdark should begin.

You may proceed with the current state of affairs since, upon unlocking Act 2, this affliction will be lifted. Endure a little more until then. If gameplay is significantly hindered by these circumstances, resort to reverting to a previously saved point manually.

Ensure that you eliminate Priestess Gut in the main chamber, where no guards are present. Killing her while she rests may result in an immediate Enemy of the State Debuff.

How to Get Rid Of Enemy Of Justice Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3
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