Baldur’s Gate 3 House Of Healing Walkthrough

Baldur’s Gate 3 House Of Healing Walkthrough

Baldur’s Gate 3 House Of Healing Walkthrough is the land of death and madness where a mind flayer named Malus Thorm resides. Contrary to its name, the House of Healing in BG3 is the land of death and madness. The House of Healing is used to plague innocent individuals with a shadow curse and inflict anguish upon them. It is occupied by the Ruthless Mind Flayer and his goons.

What Should You Do In The House Of Healing?

You will have to pass a discussion check to enter the House of Healing at Baldur’s Gate 3, but once inside you are free to roam about. As previously noted, you can act by obtaining the Lute required to awaken Art Cullagh at the Last Light Inn. You must visit the operation room and speak with Malus Thorm, the chief executive of the House of Healing, to do this.

Apart from that, there are a few rooms, notably the reading area at the summit of the House of Healing, that are open for looting. Alternatively, you might turn around to return to the place where the Gauntlet of Shar is in the main narrative.

Baldur’s Gate 3 House Of Healing Location

North of Moonrise Tower and West of Mason’s Guild is where you’ll find the House of Healing in Baldur’s Gate 3. When Act 2 begins, this is among the first places you will go. After you accept the “Wake up Art Cullagh” quest and first visit the Last Light Inn location, this House of Healing destination will be indicated on your map. A list of things to do in this madhouse is provided below.

Defend Arabella’s Parents

When you encounter Arabella in the Shadow Cursed Lands during Act 2, she will ask you to find her parents. Her parents visited the House of Healing. After entering the House of Healing in BG3, go to the infirmary (marked on the map) to see Sister Lidwin. After using deception on her to get her to depart, speak with the two Tieflings’ corpses. They will identify themselves as Arabella’s parents in Baldur’s Gate 3 Komira and Locke.

Tell Arabella what happened to her parents so she may seek closure. Shadow heart, Gale, Wyll, and Astarion will all appreciate your rough compassion.

Wake Up Art Cullagh

When you enter the Last Light Inn, you will meet Art Cullagh, who is critical to saving the Grand Duke. He has a Shadow Curse and can only be awakened using a particular item, Battered Lute. Baldur’s Gate 3 Malus Thorm appears to have taken Art’s lute.

To reclaim the damaged lute, descend the steps within the House of Healing to meet Malus Thorm in BG3. Take him out to get the damaged lute. Bring this special treasure to the Last Light Inn so you can save Art Cullagh.

Beat Malus Thorm In The BG3 Healing House.

The main antagonist in BG3 and the leader of the House of Healing is a physician named Malus Thorm. He is a Mind Flayer who has assumed a false identity to harm innocent people. To force his helpers to commit horrible deeds, Malus Thorm also has mental power over them.

Malus Thorm can be defeated in two methods. head-on conflict that includes his death by talking and his minion nurses. We advise you to eliminate her minions in the first scenario before concentrating on Malus Thorm. Malus Thorm is another person you may chat to and persuade to commit suicide. It needs a lot of precise successful checks, and failing any of them will lead to an immediate conflict.

You can release the patient to learn more about Malus’s goals once you beat Malus Thorm.

These are the main things you may accomplish in BG3 within the House of Healing. You can go wherever you want and plunder whatever you want when you have finished these. You can go to Baldur’s Gate 3 Thorm Mausoleum if you have cleared this area.

Baldur’s Gate 3 House Of Healing Walkthrough
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