A fateful meeting at a dance: the love story of Oleg and Alexandra Vereshchagin

A fateful meeting at a dance: the love story of Oleg and Alexandra Vereshchagin

From a young age, Oleg Vereshchagin connected his life with KVN, thanks to which he built a career in television. A bright and charismatic resident of the Comedy Club , a participant in the Emperor’s Treasures project, has been happily married for a long time. The spouses have lived together for more than 20 years, and both are confident that they will be able to maintain their state of happiness for many years to come.

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Oleg and Alexandra met in 2002 at a ballroom dancing competition, where the girl performed as a participant. The comedian came to the event with friends. By this time, Sasha was already a student at a polytechnic university, and later took up photography.

Oleg and Alexandra Vereshchagin. Photo: @oleg_vereshchagin

After the concert, Vereshchagin unplannedly decided to go to a distant relative whom he had not visited for a long time, but he did not have enough for a ticket 200 rubles. Le Havre borrowed this amount from the girl. After returning to the city, Oleg decided not to return the money through his friend, but went to the beauty himself and immediately invited her to a concert of KVN student teams .

The first serious date took place on May 12, 2002. The couple spent time at a local club, and then the young people walked around the city until the morning. Before parting, they kissed and realized that they would soon see each other again. The romance lasted 5 years. During this time, the couple’s relationship only grew stronger, and they decided to start a family.

Later, the Comedy Club actor found out that the girl had been trying to get to know him for almost a year before their first meeting. She liked this arrogant, confident guy. Sasha was afraid to approach him, but she always tried to be in the same company as the comedian.

For Oleg Vereshchagin’s future wife, everything was clear: in front of her was the man of her dreams, although the artist himself was sure that he had a complex character. But only Sasha inspires him to heroic deeds and considers him the strongest and most generous person.

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The wedding of Oleg and Alexandra Vereshchagin took place in May 2007. The young people got married surrounded by close friends and family. The event was attended not only by relatives, but also by colleagues of the newlyweds, including Nikolai Naumov . Today, the spouses are reminded of the wedding ceremony by photographs that were taken on that memorable day.

For the celebration, the newlyweds chose traditional outfits. The bride wore a fluffy dress with a lace cape, and her hair was decorated with a tiara. The groom wore a black suit and a metallic tie.

Family life


Oleg and Alexandra Vereshchagin became the parents of two daughters. The first, Polina, was difficult for my wife to give birth to. This significant event took place in January 2009. For the actor, childbirth became a real test. Even then, the artist made a vow to himself that when he bought a dacha, he would erect a monument to his wife there.

But the second daughter was born easily. Oleg was on tour, and Sasha called him and casually informed him that there were now four of them. The youngest heiress was named Arina.

Children practice martial arts, visit the swimming pool, and play badminton. In addition to outdoor games, Polina and Arina are passionate about music. They play the piano and perform at concerts. In 2019, both became participants in the Weather Forecast show on the Super TV channel. The children of Dmitry Dibrov , the daughter of the legendary “Nanai” Vladimir Levkin , and the heirs of Yulia Baranovskaya also starred here .

Oleg tries to participate in the upbringing of girls. He is afraid to miss the stages of their growing up, therefore, even returning from filming at 6 in the morning, the comedian takes the girls to school at 7:30. Together, the comedian and his family took part in the filming of the program “You are like me” on the TNT channel.

Oleg, in an interview with Laura Dzhugelia, describes family life as happy. He notes that he and his wife live in perfect harmony. The artist admits that he takes it upon himself to resolve complex issues. He listens to his wife’s advice, but does not always follow it. Vereshchagin notes that sometimes you shouldn’t act on a woman’s recommendations. They are worthy of reverence and admiration, and in family affairs the man dominates.

Oleg and Alexandra Vereshchagin. Photo: TNT

Oleg never argues with Alexandra. Home comfort is organized by his significant other. The rearrangement of furniture often takes place without his participation, but Vereshchagin calmly treats all interior changes. Alexandra has impeccable taste. In addition, Vereshchagin likes it when his family is happy. And Oleg himself jokingly admits that the most important thing for him at home is to have a comfortable bed in the bedroom.

The humor star wants his daughters to always live with him, so he is not going to separate from his wife just because after a divorce, the children remain with their mother. He creates the best conditions for their development. Having seen the sea for the first time at the age of 18, Oleg vowed to take his family to the coast every year. He did just that, although his father cannot always accompany the family on these trips due to his busy work schedule.

The actor never ceases to confess his love to his beloved on social networks. And he does it sincerely. He considers this attitude and desire to continue their personal life together to be unusual for show business, but acceptable. Oleg and Alexandra Vereshchagin are compared with another media couple – Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva .

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