“A Dream for Three”: how the series ended

“A Dream for Three”: how the series ended

The Russian melodrama “A Dream for Three” is dedicated to family problems that many modern families face. The film premiered in 2024 on the Domashny channel. The main characters managed to resolve the controversial situation in the finale and remain friends.

How the series “Dream for Three” ended and a brief description of the 4 episodes of the project is in the material of Attiremag .

Brief story

After successful recovery from cancer, divorced Vera ( Iris Lebedeva ) decides to get pregnant. She goes to the IVF center, where she is informed that her and her ex-husband’s embryo has been disposed of. This happened because of their separation. But in the family of ex-husband Dmitry ( Jan Ilves ), a daughter, Anya, is growing up, looking like Vera. The girl decides to find out the truth.

How did the series “Dream for Three” end?

Anya was given birth to Katya (Yulia Gorokhova), Dmitry’s new wife. They met at a reproductive center, where the girl was undergoing infertility treatment. After they started living together, Dima fraudulently implanted an embryo from Vera into her. Everything is fine in the family, but the appearance of his ex-wife makes the man worry. The woman demands an explanation from Dima, who is not ready to give it. He assumed that Vera died of cancer.

A still from the series “A Dream for Three.” Photo: Kino-Theater

Vera makes a new acquaintance, Andrei (Mikhail Grishchenko), who works as a lawyer. They met in a flower shop where the girl works. At first, the couple clashed: at the first meeting, they quarreled and parted as practically enemies. But then the lawyer decided to make amends. The young man invited Vera on a date. In a restaurant, a woman told him about her problem.

Katya learns that Vera is arguing with Dima based on suspicion. She does a DNA test and realizes that Anya is Vera’s daughter, and her husband deceived her. But the woman is not going to give the child to her rival. She prepared fake official papers proving her maternity. This episode of the series “Dream for Three” ended with Ekaterina going to live with Anya to her parents.

Andrey checks the papers and confirms their authenticity. Vera once again asks Dmitry about her daughter. At first he continues to lie to her, but after relaxing a little, he tells the truth. Andrei, who is making plans for Vera, sees her with her ex-husband and decides to leave her.

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But Andrey has problems at work. He is accused of fraud. Vera suspects that this was done intentionally by deputy Kuznetsov (Sergei Ershov), whose affairs were in charge of the girl’s chosen one. This episode of the series “Dream for Three” ended with the woman coming to the city administration and demanding that the official withdraw the application. She meets Kuznetsov’s wife, who helps her in this matter.

At this time, Katya and Anya get into a car accident. The girl requires a blood transfusion, the type of which matches only Vera’s biomaterial. Andrey is released from the pre-trial detention center. He comes to his beloved to thank her. The man invites his beloved to sue Katya for forgery of documents. But Vera doesn’t want to. Ekaterina is hiding from everyone with her child. Dmitry assumes that she went to the village to visit her aunt.

A still from the series “A Dream for Three.” Photo: Kino-Theater

The lawyer finds the woman and persuades her to give her daughter to her biological mother. Katya agrees. In the end, Andrei and Vera remain together. Dmitry returns to Catherine. In the finale, they go to adopt a boy. As a result, both families begin to become friends. When Anya turned 2 years old, everyone celebrated this occasion. Each hero found happiness in family life.

Did you know that…

  • The film “A Dream for Three” was included in the ratings “Best Russian TV Series of 2024”, “Best Russian TV Series of Recent Years”, “Best Russian TV Series about Love”.
  • Iris Lebedeva has a positive assessment of her heroine. She believes that Vera takes an active position, does not depend on the opinion of a man and is ready to achieve her goal herself.
  • Yulia Gorokhova sympathizes with her heroine Katya. She overcomes many difficulties in her life and achieves happiness.
  • The film was released by Sigma Studio. Filming of the series “A Dream for Three” ended in 2023.
  • The screenwriter of the project was Anna Rudakova, author of the scripts for The Bloodhound and Your Honor .

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