6 Ways to Increase FPS in Cities Skylines 2

6 Ways to Increase FPS in Cities Skylines 2

Skyline is not an unpopular game by any chance. However, many gamers still want to increase the FPS (Frame per Second) to get ideal visual quality and motion sync. Therefore, today’s article is dedicated to how to increase FPS in cities Skyline 2.

As you know, a city’s skyline is a building game where you use different buildings and architectural aesthetics. The spectacular graphics and robust gameplay demand seamless performance otherwise you will struggle to play the game on your console. 

This 2023 game by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive is the second part of 2015’s Cities: Skylines.

So if you are among the anticipating fans of the Cities Skyline 2 game, this post is going to solve the performance glitch in your console. 

Read the guide carefully!

Increase FPS in Cities Skylines 2 

When it comes to increasing FPS you need to keep in mind that the gaming console and its updated performance is also a highlighted part. There are different reasons why you see poor performance of your game with below-average FPS such as:

  •         Graphics settings are not synced with the game
  •         Poor quality or obsolete graphics card drivers
  •         Pc does support specifications for running the game
  •         Too many apps installed on PC that are running behind the game

Now let’s see how you can boost FPS for playing Cities Skyline 2, seamlessly

How to Increase FPS in Cities Skylines 2 

1.       Unable the “Depth of Field” setting 

If you are seeing a blurry background but the focused object in view, it uses more performance which impacts gameplay if your gaming rig is not high-end.

The first thing you should be doing to increase the FPS of your game (Cities Skyline) is to disable the in-game Depth of Field setting.  

2.                 Make sure “Level of Detail” is set to Very Low 

The next thing you must do is to lower the level of setting that says Level of Detail. It will help you a lot in playing the game lag-free and ideally. The LOD setting is important for city-building games.

In the Cities Skylines 2 game, the LOD setting will cause poor [performance for which you have to keep the level a Very Low.

3.       Maintain a limited city population  

Make sure you maintain the city population in the game. The more population you see in the game the more FPS you will need.

There is an FPS drop when the number of people increased from 10,000.

Sometimes it happens after the 30,000 mark.

So, keep the people limited to the number for the best FPS.

4.       Close Background Tasks 

Not only for gaming but you should always close the background tasks in your PC to keep it refreshed and swift for any command.

However, for his game, make sure you have to close the background running app that is not in use. For example, close multiple browsers tabs, and unnecessary apps to clear up the RAM.

5.       Update GPU Drivers 

If you have outdated drivers of GPU you know the reason why you are seeing poor gaming performance. As a gamer, you must have the best-performing drivers and everything updated. The GPU drivers become the highlighted reason to make or break the deal in gaming output.

6.       Disabled Motion Blur

Next, you need to disable the motion blur setting to increase the FPS of Cities Skyline 2. As you know motion blue feature boosts the realism factor in the items and gaming objects.

When you disable it you get to play the seamless game due to performance ease. Since motion blur sometimes causes FPS drop so disabling it can help. 

6 Ways to Increase FPS in Cities Skylines 2
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