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5 Great Clint Eastwood Movies (Not counting Westerns)

5 Great Clint Eastwood Movies (Not counting Westerns)

The legendary Clint Eastwood (who recently turned ninety-two) is best known for his westerns, including the trilogy “The Man without a Name” (dollars) and “Unforgiven”. However, as an actor and director, he also starred in other genres, including dramas and crime thrillers. These features contain important themes such as morality, murder, guilt, and redemption. Clint Eastwood Movies

What makes Clint so appealing is his longevity and fearless drive to take on roles that are both challenging and cool. He also has a natural ability to convey humor and emotion in his performances. Here are five of his best films outside the western genre.

Gran Torino

In this 2008 film, Clint plays Walt Kowalski, a Korean War veteran who has just lost his wife, doesn’t get along well with his family (including his two sons), and is serious and grumpy with almost everyone in his neighborhood in Michigan. . Walt also runs into a Hmong gang who are trying to steal his car (a classic 1972 Gran Torino). When Tao Lor (a Hmong teenager living in the house next to Walt) confesses that he was forced to steal a car, Walt tells him never to set foot on his territory again. However, Tao’s sister, Sue, convinces Walt to let her brother work for him to compensate for his misdeeds, so Walt forces Tao to do housework outside the house. Clint Eastwood Movies

Kowalski is a very flawed character because he is a racist who grumbles ethnic insults and insults others, but when his unlikely friendship with Tao, Sue, and their Hmong family grows, he transforms and becomes more sympathetic to them because he sees that they are good people trying to earn a living by honest work. Kowalski’s developing bond with Tao is the heart and soul of the film, because the veteran teaches a young teenager how to work hard (especially with tools), and even gets him a job at a construction site. Kowalski also protects Tao and his family from the Hmong gang, who constantly harass them, even attacking gang members with Dirty Harry, pointing his rifle at them and grumbling, “Get off my lawn.” There are also key moments in which Kowalski confesses his sins and shares memories of the war with a Catholic priest in order to find inner peace. Clint Eastwood Movies

A million dollars baby

In this boxing movie, Clint plays Frankie Dunn, a professional boxing trainer who initially doesn’t want to train Maggie Fitzgerald (Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank), a woman who aspires to become a boxing champion. However, when Frankie and his assistant Eddie “Metal” Dupree (Morgan Freeman), a former professional boxer, see Maggie struggling during training and her first two matches under the guidance of another manager who doesn’t take his job seriously, Frankie and Eddie help Maggie train in their gym. Frankie is a very serious trainer, but he teaches Maggie how to hit and move better so that she can prepare for more serious boxing fights.

Eastwood’s direction is accurate, especially when shooting tense and tough boxing scenes. Nevertheless, his performance was also remembered not only as a solid boxing coach but also as a significant life mentor who develops friendly father-daughter relations with Maggie. Frankie learns to appreciate Maggie for her perseverance and perseverance to turn into a tough boxer and also recognizes that Maggie comes from a difficult family, but will do everything to fulfill her American dream. The most emotional moments occur when Frankie regrets having coached Maggie after she was seriously injured during a title fight, and she sadly asks him to put an end to her pain and suffering. Clint Eastwood Movies

On the firing line

In this action movie, Eastwood plays Frank Horrigan, a Secret Service agent who gets a call from Mitch Leary (the always reliable and villainous John Malkovich), who initially calls himself Booth in reference to John Wilkes Booth (responsible for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln).). Leary confesses his desire to kill the current US president, giving Horrigan the opportunity to play along in his sadistic game. When Horrigan discovers Leary’s true identity with his partner Al (Dylan McDermott), he also asks to return to the President’s Security Department, despite his advanced age. Horrigan also establishes a close relationship with another Secret Service agent, Lilly Raines (Renee Russo), who appreciates Horrigan’s determination to protect the president. Clint Eastwood Movies

Eastwood and Malkovich are ideally suited as hero and villain, respectively, with Horrigan as an old veteran who wants to redeem himself after failing to protect President John F. Kennedy many years ago, and Leary as a tactical assassin who uses his experience with weapons and faces. disguised to carry out his own assassination mission.


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5 Great Clint Eastwood Movies (Not counting Westerns)
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