5 Best Silver Swords in the Witcher 2

5 Best Silver Swords in the Witcher 2

5 Best Silver Swords in the Witcher 2

It’s always best to know the true potential of gaming weapons. 

If you are a fan of the Witcher series, you surely want to know the best silver swords in the Witcher 2 game with extra performance when you put an end to ghosts, werewolves, vampires, drowners, wraiths, and undead witches.

In this article, we will list down the top 5 silver swords that you must have in our list while you play the game. The gothic environment and sudden incoming of the un-human enemies and monsters only get killed if you use the “right sword”.

Here is the sifted list of top silver swords in Witcher 2!

Silver Swords in the Witcher 2

  1.     Draug’s Confession

 One of the most ideal swords in Witcher is Draug’s Confession- a silver sword. This powerful sword is liable to put down many undead and monsters for sure. Once you get Draug’s confession sword, it gives you up to 30% more bleeding damage when you hit monsters. For wraiths, this sword gives straight 50% more damage than any other weapon.

  1.     Weeper

Another silver sword in the Witcher 2 game is the weeper. It’s the top name mainly for two dominating reasons. First of all, this weeper sword is wonderful for its performance and for its weight. Also, this sword gives 30% more hits when you kill the enemies in the game.

  1.     Wight

The weight swords are powerful for their damaging properties. This silver sword does not let anybody come close to it. The raw intensive damage is impressive when you hit gargoyles and gargantuan monsters. You might need this (the weight) sword throughout the game.

  1.     Deithwen

In the list of the best silver sword in Witcher 2, the Deithwen gives you ideal killing performance when you are dealing with chinks of enemies.

Unlike any swords, if you have the Deithwen sword, it does 25% more damage to gargoyles and large monsters. Therefore, you don’t have to use an extra skill to hit the monsters harder.

To get this sword in this game you have to search for the caves east of Loc Muinne in Chapter 3 and then find the ruined wagon, near to the place. Get one of the skeletons to acquire the sword.

  1.     Addan Deith

Addan Deith’s silver sword comes with 3 rune slots. It’s killer performance and added damage stat lets you play more and get the monster out of your way. This silver sword is special for its 30% more bleeding damage and a 2% additional chance of an instant kill. If you are fighting against wraiths, this sword has 4% more damage to them.


The Witcher game is popular for its mysterious enemies and powerful characters. However, if you don’t know the right word to use for the enemies and undead monsters you may lose the mission.

In this article we listed down the top best silver swords that you must use throughout the game to play like a pro. However, unlocking and crafting the sword is a step that you will know once you play and experience the chapters of the Witcher 2 game.

5 Best Silver Swords in the Witcher 2
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