10 Best Light Armor in Elden Ring

10 Best Light Armor in Elden Ring

Fans of Elden Armor want to know the Best Light Armor in Elden Ring and here is the list.

Eden Ring is a popular RPG game developed by From Software back in 2022. However, the craze and phenomena of this game are still hype and people want to know everything about this particular game. If you are too in the category of gamer enthusiasts, this article would be an interesting read for you!

In the game, you will need the best light armor to keep on clearing missions and challenges. As you know the heavy armors give you maximized protection however, their weight keeps you slow on the battlefield. Therefore, you need something super light but robust for safety and protection.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will list down only the best lightweight armor that you will encounter in the Elden Ring.

Why Need Light Armor?

The light armor in the game will help you to move freely and easily. The lighter weight increases seamless and effortless mobility plus you never compromise safety by any chance. Therefore, you can fight with more enemies without getting fatigued. 

The light armors also help you to dodge the boss intensive attacks because you can easily roll wearing the armor.

The light armor also helps you save the Endurance points (20). Moreover, you won’t need to incorporate any Talisman, especially for Mages with high Intelligence.

Here is the list!

1.           The Black Knife Set

The black knife is the lightweight armor I’m putting at the top of this list. In the Elden ring game, this armor also falls right for being modish and fashionable. It’s all-black in design and appearance with a hanging cloak. The highlight of this armor is it adds silence when you walk. It means you can run and chase your enemies without getting noticed.

However, to acquire this black knife set armor you have to be in the advanced chapters of the game. In the northern portion of the map covered in snow you can find this armor. 

2.      The White Reed Set

Another lightweight armor is the white reed set. This armor is ideal for its bonus points and features a boost of three points to dexterity. 

You can pick this near the mountaintop of the Giants. You have to be at the Spirit Caller’s Cave beside the big frozen lake area to get this armor. To reach the inside of the cave, you will need 2 stone-word keys. However, you will also have to fight with Inaba.

3.           The Mushroom Set

The mushroom set armor is interesting for its properties and appearance. The hanging clock and its usefulness against poison and scarlet rot are amazing. This lightweight armor in the game serves the best possible way when you fight.

To get this set, you have to head to the north and look for the flower-looking poison-filled cave, and kill it to get the mushroom set armor.

4.           The Leather Set

Leather is easy to wear and fast to move with if you are using it as clothing. This leather set armor is pretty much light to carry and it fits well for assassins. It offers medium stats on strength, Dexterity, and Vigor with 75 points for each. It’s available in the Murkwater Cave in the Elden Ring game.

5.      The Bandit Set

This armor looks dull and regular but it’s best for its stability and safety.  You can get the set from different people and merchants. The mask is on the bridge in the northern mulgrave. You can buy the mask for 1500 runes from the merchant. The rest of the armor is found at the Storm Veil castle.

6.      Lusat’s Set

This armor is lightweight too but it amazingly maximizes the damage by 15% if you are using Stars of Ruin as its headpiece. Also, the Star Shower damage also gets a 10% boost. It’s lightweight and best for safety. You can look for this armor during the Sorceress Sellen’s questline.

7.      Battlemage Set

It’s a set of lightweight armor with a 10% decrease of FP however with an advanced increment of intelligence and strength. This armor is among the lighter ones in the entire Elden Ring game.

What makes this armor more powerful is when you pair it with the Azur’s Glintstone Staff you get more damage to your targets hence more winning chances. The combined spell-casting and added safety from the armor keeps you safe.

8.           Alberich’s Set

Alberich’s Set armor is certainly lightweight but it also features beautiful big red stones. The stores cover most of this armor which also gives it a standout look among other armor.

This is spell armor in the game and will also provide you with a Hat, trousers, bracers, and a Robe. Apart from being light, Alberich’s Set also features the best magic-boosting ability.

9. Melania’s Armor

The second last armor on the list of best light armor in Elden Ring is Melania’s Armor. It has the most powerful strength followed by immunity and protection. If you want this armor you have to defeat Malenia. However, you still have to purchase it from Enia for 56,000 Runes.

10. Spellblade Set

Spellblade Set armor in the game has been appreciated by male gamers. It gives you the best mobility with more Intelligence than with any other armor. You can also use it for maximizing glintstone sorceries with each piece increasing 1% of the group of sorceries. If you want this armor you must take part in Sorcerer Rogier NPC questline.


10 Best Light Armor in Elden Ring
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